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Dirty Beaches

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dirty Beaches

Alex Zhang Hungtai, a Taiwanese-born Canadian lo-fi musician based in Lisbon,Portugal created the project Dirty Beaches in 2005. Like Bo Diddley or minimalist synth provocateurs Suicide, Dirty Beaches’ compositions were not so much stripped down as refined to their essence. Drum loops, Hungtai’s croon, and the yearning melodies draped overtop belie as much a sense of haunting mystery as they do romanticism and wry humour. In November 2014 Alex Zhang Hungtai announced the end of Dirty Beaches.

Artist Tags For Dirty Beaches

1) Lo-Fi 2) Psychedelic 3) Experimental 4) Noise 5) Rockabilly

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dirty Beaches

1) Lord Knows Best 2) True Blue 3) Sweet 17 4) Night Walk 5) Speedway King 6) Horses 7) I Dream In Neon 8) A Hundred Highways 9) Black Nylon 10) Hotel 11) Casino Lisboa 12) Belgrade 13) ELLI 14) Au revoir mon visage 15) Mirage Hall 16) Landscapes In The Mist 17) Greyhound At Night 18) Love Is The Devil 19) This Is Not My City 20) Woman 21) Alone At The Danube River 22) I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You 23) Like The Ocean We Part 24) Berlin 25) Displaced 26) Coast to Coast 27) Lone Runner 28) Low Rider 29) The Road 30) Shangri-La 31) Like Dreamers Do 32) Night City 33) Stateless 34) White Sand 35) Paris 36) Night Drive 37) Pacific Ocean 38) Lone Star 39) Time Washes Away Everything 40) Black Kawasaki 41) Midnight Runner 42) Floating Underwater Watching Waves 43) Shadows 44) Reconstruction Surgery 45) Ghost On Highway 13 46) God Speed 47) Night City Theme 48) Phases 49) Don't Let the Devil Find You 50) Good Bye Edmonton

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