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Dirty South

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dirty South

Real name: Dragan Roganović Dirty South caught the technically transmitted disease of DJing long before he even owned his first set of turntables. He taught himself mixing skills on his NEC tape deck, utilising nothing more than its twin cassette players and a pause button to recreate the sounds of club DJing in the safety of his own bedroom. By the time he got his first decks at the start of the millennium he’d already honed the techniques ready to take on the world of his heroes.

Artist Tags For Dirty South

1) House 2) Electro House 3) Electronic 4) Dance 5) Electro

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dirty South

1) City Of Dreams - Radio Edit 2) Let It Go (Axwell Remix) 3) With You (Jai Wolf Remix) 4) Until The End (feat. Joe Gil) 5) Sleazy 6) City Of Dreams - Showtek Remix 7) We Are (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix) 8) Find A Way (feat. Rudy) 9) Walking Alone - Radio Edit 10) Let It Go 11) City of Dreams - Original Mix 12) Open Your Heart - Original 13) The Unknown (feat. FMLYBND) 14) Spank 15) Believe 16) Find a Way (Anevo Remix) [feat. Rudy] 17) Pimpin' 101 18) If It All Stops 19) The End (Dirty South Mix) 20) I Swear - Dirty South Remix 21) Such A Freak 22) Get Down 23) Walking Alone (Radio Edit) 24) Night Walks 25) Your Heart (feat. Joe Gil) 26) Such A Freak (TV Rock Remix) 27) Tunnel Vision (feat. Some Kinda Wonderful) 28) Konda 29) All of Us (Eden Prince Remix) [feat. ANIMA!] 30) Alive 31) The Unknown 32) Unbreakable 33) Kiss from God 34) Corda 35) Phazing (Radio Edit) 36) All of Us (Klahr Remix) [feat. ANIMA!] 37) All of Us (R!Ot Remix) [feat. ANIMA!] 38) Let It Go - Axwell Remix 39) All of Us (Dropout Remix) [feat. ANIMA!] 40) All of Us (feat. ANIMA!) 41) Minority (Dirty South Remix) 42) Space Between Us 43) Little Devious 44) Spank feat Boogie Fresh 45) Kino 46) Just Dream (feat. Rudy) 47) All of Us (Dirty South Remix) [feat. Anima!] 48) All I Need 49) Plectar 50) Super Sounds

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