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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dokken

Dokken is an American hard rock / heavy metal band that was formed in 1978. Having big success in the 80s with tracks such as "Dream Warriors", "It's Not Love", "In My Dreams", and others, they sold over ten million albums worldwide yet faced internal battles over their direction. The group split up in 1989, having accumulated numerous charting singles and earned a Grammy nomination, and they've had sporadic reunions since then. Dokken was initially composed of founder Don Dokken on vocals

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1) Hard Rock 2) Heavy Metal 3) Hair Metal 4) 80s 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dokken

1) Into the Fire 2) Breaking the Chains 3) Alone Again 4) In My Dreams 5) Dream Warriors 6) It's Not Love 7) Mr. Scary 8) Too High to Fly 9) Unchain the Night 10) Just Got Lucky 11) Tooth and Nail 12) Don't Bring Me Down 13) Escape 14) The Hunter 15) Nothing Left To Say 16) I Surrender 17) Kiss of Death 18) Can You See 19) Heaven Sent 20) Burning Like a Flame 21) From The Beginning 22) Better Off Before 23) The Last Goodbye 24) Shadows Of Life 25) Inside Looking Out 26) Prisoner 27) Don't Close Your Eyes 28) Without Warning 29) When Heaven Comes Down 30) The Maze 31) Long Way Home 32) Lightnin' Strikes Again 33) Standing in the Shadows 34) Night by Night 35) Heartless Heart 36) Prozac Nation 37) Don't Lie to Me 38) So Many Tears 39) Turn on the Action 40) Jaded Heart 41) Lesser Of Two Evils 42) In My Dreams (Re-Recorded / Remastered) 43) Hole In My Head 44) Slippin' Away 45) Haunted 46) Bullets to Spare 47) Stop Fighting Love 48) Still I'm Sad 49) Care for You 50) Lost Behind the Wall

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