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Dr. Alban

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban is a Swedish musician and producer with his own record label Dr. Records. His music can best be described as hip-hop reggae with a dance hall style. Dr. Alban (born August 26, 1957 as Alban Nwapa in Nigeria) grew up listening to Fela Kuti and James Brown. At age 23, he began studying dentistry. In order to be able to finance his university studies the music-loving medical student started making his own music. During this time Alban worked as a DJ in the well known Stockholm club 'Alphabet Street'.

Artist Tags For Dr. Alban

1) Dance 2) Eurodance 3) 90s 4) Pop 5) Swedish

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dr. Alban

1) It's My Life 2) Sing Hallelujah! 3) No Coke 4) Sing Hallelujah 5) Hello Afrika 6) One Love 7) It's My Life - Radio Edit 8) It's My Life (Radio Edit) 9) Sing Hallelujah! - short 10) Let the Beat Go On 11) Look Who's Talking 12) No Coke - 7" Mix 13) Reggae Gone Ragga 14) Let The Beat Go On - Short 15) Its My Life 16) Away From Home 17) Work Work 18) Mata Oh A Eh 19) U & Mi 20) Sing Hallelujah! (Short) 21) Long Time Ago 22) It´s My Life 23) Introduction 24) Cash Money 25) Born In Africa 26) It's My Life - Remix 27) Let The Beat Go On (Short) 28) Look Who's Talking - Long Version 29) Om We Rembwe Ike 30) Hello Africa 31) Stop The Pollution 32) Roll Down Di Rubber Man 33) The Alban Prelude 34) It's My Life (Sash! RMX) 35) Away From Home (Short) 36) It's My Life (Remix) 37) Enemies 38) Feel the Rhythm 39) This Time I'm Free 40) One Love (Radio Version) 41) Sweet Reggae Music 42) Hard To Choose 43) Look Who's Talking - Short 44) It's My Life 2014 (Bodybangers Radio Edit) 45) Mr. DJ 46) Proud! (To Be Afrikan) 47) No Coke (7" Mix) 48) I like to move it 49) Born In Africa (Original Radio Version) 50) Around the World

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