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Dragon Ash

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dragon Ash

Dragon Ash started out from humble punk beginnings to become one of the brightest groups in the growing New Japanese Rock movement in the late '90s, blending pop sensibilities with a hard-edged sound, producing albums and singles that play like a tour of Western rock of the '90s. Lead singer and guitarist Kenji Furuya, son of actor Ikko Furuya, met drummer Makoto Sakurai when they were junior high students in a Tokyo suburb, and the two started playing together.

Artist Tags For Dragon Ash

1) Japanese 2) J-Rock 3) Hip-Hop 4) Rock 5) J-Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dragon Ash

1) resound 2) Fantasista 3) Grateful Days 4) Intro 5) Life Goes On 6) Let Yourself Go, Let Myself Go 7) Viva la revolution 8) 陽はまたのぼりくりかえす 9) Drugs can't kill teens 10) 百合の咲く場所で 11) Freedom of Expression 12) Dark cherries 13) Crush The Window 14) Ivory 15) Deep Impact 16) Canvas 17) Under Age's Song (Album Mix) 18) few lights till night 19) 夢で逢えたら 20) 静かな日々の階段を 21) Outro 22) Just I'll say 23) Amploud 24) Invitation (Buzz Mix) 25) Rock the beat 26) Communication 27) Attention 28) My Friends' Anthem 29) Cowboy Fuck! 30) Melancholy 31) Fool around 32) 夕凪Union 33) Morrow 34) Lily of da Valley 35) Fever 36) Sunset Beach 37) Bring It 38) Nouvelle Vague #2 39) Rainy Day And Day 40) Posse In Noise 41) Glory 42) 21st Century Riot 43) I Love Hip Hop 44) Revive 45) Humanity (Album Version) 46) Revolater 47) Aim High 48) Harvest 49) Patience 50) House Of Velocity

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