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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dvas

It started in Edmonton, spread to Toronto & Montreal and begins to circle the world – an infectious musical exploration that’s filtered into the ears of London Hipsters, Parisian electro‐kids right through to New York Fashionistas. The creators of this musical blitzkrieg are DVAS, a pair of electro‐dance innovators who have continuously created music from their base in Edmonton alongside local pals Cadence Weapon, Faunts and Shout Out Out Out Out.

Artist Tags For Dvas

1) Disco 2) Electropop 3) Synthpop 4) DIsco House 5) New Wave

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dvas

1) Inner Sanctum 2) Society 3) Ambient Room 4) Questions 5) Forever 6) Consenting Adults 7) Giving It All Away 8) Fantasy 9) Watching You 10) Back 2 Basix 11) Telegraph 12) Passionate Persuasion 13) Black Rain 14) Ambient Room (SymbolOne Remix) 15) Sexual Variations 16) You're Amazing 17) Le Tino (Xxxtended Edit) 18) Bromance 19) Eternity (Beyond Forever) 20) Relief (I Can't Get No) 21) Forever (Justin Faust Remix) 22) Society (The Hood Internet Remix Feat. Kid Static) 23) Watching You (DVAS Dance Mix) 24) Questions (Adam K Remix) 25) Urgent (Foreigner cover) (BL Rewind 2) 26) The Chant 27) Questions - Adam K Remix 28) Joust (Theme From) 29) Panoptic Animations 30) Secret Mission Of Harry D 31) DVAS "Society" (The Hood Internet Remix Feat. Kid Static) 32) Relief - I Can't Get No 33) Questions - James Bradshaw Club Mix 34) X-Static 35) Eternity - Beyond Forever (CAPC80500060) 36) Surf Site 37) Changing Forms 38) Questions - Enton Mushi Remix 39) Karash Electro Lovelight 40) White Light 21 41) Reptilian Child (Filmic Vision Mix) 42) Society (Album Version) 43) Urgent (Foreigner cover) 44) Weatherhouse 45) Urgent 46) Passion Communication Mix 47) m4 dvas macho mix 48) Society (The Hood Internet Remix feat Kid Static) 49) Are Friends Eclectic (original Invasion Mix) 50) Are Friends Eclectic

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