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Dylan Singh

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Dylan Singh

Dylan Singh (born May 24, 1975) is a British born unsigned singer/songwriter of Indian heritage. He currently lives in London and plays predominantly rock, blues, folk & Indian music. His family is from Punjab where music is a huge part of culture, folk music in particular. He grew up listening to an eclectic mix of eastern and western music, from Bhangra beats to Delta Blues. Dylan fell in love with Otis Redding's voice and the whole Stax records era at the age of fourteen.

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1) Blues 2) Dylan Singh 3) Punjabi 4) Rock 5) British

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Dylan Singh

1) Lately 2) Baby You've Been On My Mind 3) Your Bloody Flower 4) Anybody's Fool 5) Blinded By Love 6) Anybody's Fool (Acoustic) 7) Hypnotised 8) Anybody's Fool - Acoustic 9) Baby You've Been On My Mind _ Dylan Singh _ Unsigned Artist 10) / Hypnotized 4-30-07 11) / Blinded 4-30-07 12) Your Bloddy Flower 13) Anybody's Fool acoustic 14) Album Cuts Session 1 15) Album Cuts Session 2 16) Eliza Come Home 17) Anybodys Fool (acoustic) 18) If I were a Carpenter (live) 19) Your Bloody Flower (live) 20) Hypnotized

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