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Electric Six

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Electric Six

There are two artists that have used the name Electric Six 1. An alternative rock band from the United States 2. A musical group from South Africa 1. Electric Six is a six-piece Detroit-based rock band consisting of Dick Valentine (vocals), Tait Nucleus? (synthesizers), Johhny Na$hinal (guitar), Da Ve (guitar), Percussion World (drums), and Smorgasboard (bass) who play a mix of rock, funk and disco. The band's first notorious formation comprised Valentine

Artist Tags For Electric Six

1) Rock 2) Alternative 3) Indie 4) Electronic 5) Disco

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Electric Six

1) Gay Bar 2) Danger! High Voltage 3) Dance Commander 4) Synthesizer 5) Improper Dancing 6) She's White 7) I'm the Bomb 8) Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother) 9) I Invented the Night 10) Getting Into the Jam 11) Vengeance and Fashion 12) Electric Demons in Love 13) I Buy the Drugs 14) Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor) 15) Down At McDonnelzzz 16) Infected Girls 17) Dance Epidemic 18) Radio Ga Ga 19) Bite Me 20) Rock and Roll Evacuation 21) Night Vision 22) Devil Nights 23) Pulling the Plug on the Party 24) Dance Pattern 25) Vibrator 26) Rubber Rocket 27) Mr. Woman 28) The Band In Hell 29) Jimmy Carter 30) Future Boys 31) Feed My Fuckin Habit 32) Slices of You 33) Germans in Mexico 34) Pink Flamingos 35) I Wish This Song Was Louder 36) Be My Dark Angel 37) Chocolate Pope 38) Dance-A-Thon 2005 39) Boy or Girl? 40) Naked Pictures 41) Taxi to Nowhere 42) Future Is in the Future 43) Electric Demons 44) Nuclear War 45) I Don't Like You 46) Gay Bar Part Two 47) Randy's Hot Tonight! 48) When I Get to the Green Building 49) Broken Machine 50) Rip It!

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Electric Six