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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Elise

There are at least 4 different musical outfits from Estonia, Hungary, Holland and Singapore claiming the name "Elise". The first Elise is an Estonian girl´s choir. The second Elise is an Hungarian band formed on Dec 28, 2004. Its former members are: Áts Attila vocals, Áts Bálint guitars, Bubnó Márk as the drummer and Kanyó Péter bass guitar. They play in a really rare sound style, its quite like KoRn at the nu-metal heavy parts but in all its melodic like Pearl Jam.

Artist Tags For Elise

1) Heavy Metal 2) Seen Live 3) Emo 4) House 5) Screamo

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Elise

1) Nothing On You 2) SomaFM Indie Pop Rocks! 3) Awake from your Sleep 4) Timeless [Orange Factory Remix] 5) Sola naken 6) poseidon (atjazz love soul remix) 7) Seven witches 8) Seropram 9) Crocodiles love Coriander 10) Witchfinder 11) Massive Earth 12) Poseidon (Simbad Suite) 13) Poseidon (At One Remix) 14) Lights 15) Poseidon - Yoruba Soul Remix 16) Poseidon (Si Tew Late Night Remix) 17) Nightmare 18) Cry For Mankind 19) Over 20) BFDF 21) Hiding 22) Bang My Head: Remake Remix to David Guetta feat. Sia 23) Play with edges 24) No time for masquerade 25) BFDF (Forest Drive West Remix) 26) Breaking rules 27) Poseidon (Yoruba Soul Mix) 28) Timeless - Orange Factory remix 29) Hell Of a Fight 30) Spanish Lovin' 31) Singing Years 32) SomaFM Folk Forward 33) Hell of fight 34) Automatic 35) Astrud Gilberto 36) Poseidon (Yoruba Soul remix) 37) Alleria 38) Musik 39) No Fear 40) Elise 41) E poi 42) SomaFM Christmas Rocks! 43) Have No Shame 44) The Can-Can - League of Legends (LoL) Dance 45) 1-800-Amor (feat. Red Rat) 46) Poseidon (The Layabouts Vocal Mix) 47) Come Back 48) BFDF - Forest Drive West Remix 49) American Idol 50) Slave

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