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Elvis Depressedly

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Elvis Depressedly

elvis depressedly stares straight into the void and airs their own blunt perceptions about it through their music, but it’s never been the band’s intentions to bring you down even if it says so right there in their name. Mathew Lee Cothran of Coma Cinema and Delaney Mills -- alongside a revolving cast of friends and collaborators -- have been taking the monoculture’s obsession with a dystopian world and turning it into their own wry joke in their homespun quarters of South Carolina from the very beginning.

Artist Tags For Elvis Depressedly

1) Lo-Fi 2) Experimental 3) Shoegaze 4) Ambient 5) Indie

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Elvis Depressedly

1) Weird Honey 2) Pepsi/Coke Suicide 3) Inside You 4) Okay 5) Teeth 6) Thinning Out 7) Thou Shall Not Murder 8) Wastes of Time 9) N.M.S.S. 10) angel cum clean 11) New Alhambra 12) Ease 13) Bruises (Amethyst) 14) mickey yr a fuck up 15) hotter sadness 16) Big Break 17) New Heaven, New Earth 18) hurt everything 19) u angel u 20) A Bible in a Bath of Bleach 21) Crazier With You 22) Rock 'N'Roll 23) Daughter of a Cop 24) cry babies 25) McDade 26) i bought a gun 27) Slip 28) madison acid 29) i can't wait for you to die 30) bodil 31) Prison Line (So Lovely) 32) visiting angels 33) Pepsi / Coke Suicide 34) Holo Pleasures (California Dreamin') 35) jesus rots inside his grave 36) mickey's dead 37) WAVES OF BAD INTENTION 38) Cop Poet 39) Nakamura 40) My Lai (Amy's Version) 41) warm wolves (milking mary) 42) exhaustion prevails 43) Up In The Air 44) road side memorial (repeat) 45) I'm Never Going to Understand 46) kill me, mickey 47) die in the summertime (r.j.e) 48) Pepsi-coke Suicide 49) Bummer Dreams 50) N.M.S.S. (Amy's Demo Tape)

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