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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Enam

Enam was born in 1975. His mother inspired him musically at an early age with her singing in a choir and her playing the accordion, organ and guitar. Enam started experimenting with these instruments and the two sang harmonies together. After an orientation in various musical styles he happened upon African music and started playing djembe. An interest in ethnic as well as ethereal music grew. Enam started composing at the age of 21 after he purchased his first synth.

Artist Tags For Enam

1) New Age 2) Celtic 3) Ethereal 4) Folk 5) Relaxing

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Enam

1) Misereatori 2) Arinya 3) Elian 4) The Wherryman 5) For a Long Time to Go 6) Hope 7) Ishmael 8) I Lost You At Last 9) Shields 10) Fairytale 11) White as the Sun 12) Luna Magistra 13) The Spirit That Remembers 14) Way Down The Hills, Searching In Emptiness 15) Worlds of Solemn Light 16) Socata Del Siero 17) Silent Air 18) M'anchelii 19) The Minstrel 20) La Nuit Des Elfes 21) Sights of Men 22) Purple and Gold 23) First Human Feeling 24) Your Wings Touching the Source 25) Eribanda Reo D'or 26) Longing for Ashira 27) Wings of the Warrior 28) Dha 'mara 29) Farewell to Lorien 30) Leaving for the Heat 31) Yemba 32) The Fall of Lascamor 33) Voices We Were 34) Nishra's Dance 35) Dreaming All the While 36) Shades of Twilight 37) Lacoura Massorio 38) Remy 39) River 40) La Carisso Le De 41) The Way She Moved 42) Thallia Sum Vinergo 43) Night Wind 44) The Old Stoic 45) The Hidden Ghost 46) A Candle in Darkness 47) Winterchild 48) Where Is the Answer 49) Ri Camtara 50) Yellow Shades Turning Blue

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