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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Eyeshine

Eyeshine was an underground rock band formed in 2004 by front man Johnny Yong Bosch. They first found success in 2006 with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock. The band gained a modest audience with their debut EP, How About That, and their first full length album, Red Stripes White Lights. But it was their sophomore effort, My Paper Kingdom, that officially opened the floodgates in 2009. The band has self-produced over 13 albums, including their final studio album, Gone Tomorrow, which was released in April 2017.

Artist Tags For Eyeshine

1) Rock 2) Alternative 3) Edge Rock 4) Alternative Rock 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Eyeshine

1) Here Comes The End Again 2) Sunday Flower 3) Can't Keep Running Away 4) Let You Down 5) Waterfall 6) Red Stripes White Lights 7) Don't Bury Your Eyes 8) Alone 9) Not Really Good 10) Come Back Now 11) I'd Do Anything 12) Fighting 13) You're The Reason 14) Hope Is So Far Away 15) Blackout 16) 21st Century Overload 17) Our Whole Lives Tonight 18) Something New 19) Hear the Sound 20) Maybe You Can 21) Stratosphere 22) Let It Out 23) Break The Clouds 24) Never Gonna Fake It 25) Dance With the Angels 26) Just Like The Others 27) Crush Me 28) Something More 29) California Bound 30) My Last Breath 31) Fall 32) Seeing Red 33) Has Our Time Run Out 34) Jumpstart 35) No Difference 36) Let's Play Our Way 37) Tearing Away 38) Cry Call Shout 39) Summertime 40) Kingdoms Come and Castles Fall 41) The Last Time 42) Silverstar 43) Alone (acoustic) 44) In Disarray 45) Rangers vs Zombies 46) Cellophane Heart Girl 47) In My Eye 48) Need You Now 49) Alone (Remastered) 50) Calling All the Angels

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