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Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble

Pāyvar Ensemble (Persian: گروه پایور) is a Persian traditional band formed in Iran in 1966. Early years called Goruh-e Asatid (Ensemble of Maestros). Pāyvar Ensemble is a group of Masters of Persian classical music lead by Faramarz Payvar. He is one of Iran's best Santour player. The Ensemble began performing on Iranian TV and giving concerts at Tehran's new Rudaki concert hall before Islamic revelution. They were often featured at the Shiraz International Arts Festival

Artist Tags For Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble

1) Iran 2) Iranian 3) World 4) Persian 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble

1) Dastgah Homayoun 2) Dastgah Shur 3) Dastgah Segah 4) Zarb solo 5) Dastgah Chahargah 6) Dastgah Mahour 7) Dastgāh Shur 8) Dastgāh Homayoun 9) Dastgāh Chahārgāh 10) Dastgāh Māhour 11) Dastgāh Segah 12) Donbak Solo 13) Awaz-e Dashti 14) Dastgah-e SHUR 15) Improvisation Im Persischen Rhythmus (Trommel-Solo) 16) D1-Iran-Dastgah Mahour (ensemble) 17) Polka 18) Dastgah Homoyun 19) D1-Iran-Dastgah Chahargah (tar) 20) Reng-e Parichehr o Parizaad 21) Dastgah Hamayoun 22) Dastgāh Mahour 23) Pishdaramd E Mahour 24) Reng E Abou Ata 25) Reng E Mahour 26) Pishdaramd E Abou Ata 27) Awaz-E-Dashti 28) Kook-e-Santur 29) U1-Iran-Dastgah Chahargah (tar) 30) D2-Iran-Dastgah Chahargah (tar) 31) Zarab Solo 32) Reng-e Ghahr o Ashti 33) Zarb (Solo) 34) Reng e Shur 35) Marsh-e Mahoor 36) Reng e Afshari 37) Reng-e Esfahan 38) Lesson 11 39) Pishdaramad E Segah 40) Dastgāh Shur (A Persian Heritage (Classical Music of Iran) / Nonesuch, 1974) 41) Symphony No.8 In C Minor- III. Adagio. Feierlich langsam, doch nicht schleppend 42) Segah (M. Karimi, vocals) 43) Khâle roro (Dashti) 44) Lesson 15 45) Etude in Dashti (Abolhassan Saba) 46) Raqs-e Chini 47) Reng (Chahârgâh 1) 48) Avaz-e Afshari (H. Tehrani, tombak) 49) Segah (Adib Khansari, vocals) 50) Reng (Shur)

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