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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Faraz

Though Faraz Khosa started his musical career as composer of Pop and Film music but to gain authentic knowledge and genuine understanding he equipped himself with a degree in Musicology from the most prestigious university in the country, NCA, Lahore. Here his exposure to different forms of Eastern and Western music and their in-depth study revolutionized both his thinking and approach to music. This is what sets him apart from the main stream musicians and composers of today.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Faraz

1) BNNS (Radio Edit) 2) Angry Drums - Radio Edit 3) Robot 4) Kite Runner (Attik Remix) 5) Tanha Tanha 6) Jhanjran 7) BNNS 8) Mister Dabolina - Original Mix 9) Kite Runner 10) Sexy Girl (Original Mix) 11) Magnetic (Original Mix) 12) Kite Runner (Original Mix) 13) Kite Runner (Reedit Mix) 14) Uma Coisa Doida 15) Nazo Khoshgeli 16) Ajnabi 17) Won't You Come Back (electro version) 18) BNNS - Radio Edit 19) Alien (Klinqe Remix) 20) Angry Drums - Original Mix 21) Won't You Come Back (Wender A. Electro Version Remix) 22) Sexy Girl (Sintetik Remix) 23) Jaan Ley Ley feat. Shibani Kashayap 24) Sexy Girl (Wender A Remix) 25) Won't You Come Back (Wender A. House Version Remix) 26) Magnetic 27) Tanha Tanha (Remix) 28) Won't You Come Back (original mix) 29) Robot (Prod. by Daniel Rothmann) (FULL + NoShout) (2011) [] 30) En Som Mig 31) Maze 32) Prophet 33) Tanha Tanha (ApniISP.Com) 34) Angry Drums (Original Mix) 35) Jhanjran (Remix) 36) Toucan (Original Mix) 37) Sexy Girl 38) Tanha Tanha (Club Mix) 39) Through the Passage of Time 40) Last Summer 41) Fuckable 42) Toucan 43) Sexy Girl (Tropical Highlight Remix) 44) Sexy Girl (Alex Dias Remix) 45) Jashne Bi To 46) Don't Ever Let Your Spirit Die 47) Kese Koee Geet feat. Shibani Kashayap 48) Sexy Girl feat. Faraz - Original 49) Mr. Wack (feat. Manzini) 50) Mister Dabolina (Original Mix)

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