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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Faris

1) Faris is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Born of a Touareg mother and an Italian father, he grew up in different countries and was influenced by many musical styles, although traditional touareg music was a major influence to him due to his maternal connection. 2) Faris was an indie visual kei band that had their debut 2005. They disbanded in 2006.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Faris

1) Oulhawen Win Tidit 2) Alwaq Semman 3) Assouf Id Nekmam 4) Aghregh Yallah 5) Imiskay Idjoleman 6) Inezdjam 7) Oulh Essayaq 8) Alkhoriya 9) Derhan Alkher 10) Faristyle 11) War Toyed 12) Temidiwa 13) Ma Ihan Iman Nagadem 14) Vielleicht 15) Tamiditine Kitoqam 16) Semghar 17) Imeslan n Essouf 18) her damn smile :) 19) Happy Colors 20) Derhan Alkher (feat. Terakaft) 21) Oulhawen Win Tidit (Death Letter) 22) Harukaze 23) Genkai toppa 24) Celesta Carousel 25) Imiskay Idjoleman (Motherless Children) 26) Alwaq Semman (Hard Times Killing Floor Blues) 27) Ma Ihan Iman Nagadem (feat. Leo Welch) 28) 春風 29) War Toyed (feat. Leo Welch) 30) Semghar (feat. Terakaft) 31) Assouf Id Nekmam (Trouble So Hard) 32) 限界突破 33) Autumn 34) Sponger 35) Oulh Essayaq (Feel Like Going Home) 36) War Hibadhou Dasen 37) J'ai dû partir 38) could i still love her? 39) Agregh Yallah (Jesus Is on the Mainline) 40) Evil Heart 41) Marvelous 42) El tanora 43) Arong 44) dareka no tameni sasayaite 45) War Toyed (No More, My Lord) 46) Inezdjam (Grinnin' in Your Face) 47) Lose Control 48) 誰かの為にささやいて 49) t•— 50) Rise

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