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Finn Brothers

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Finn Brothers

Finn Brothers are Tim Finn and his brother Neil Finn, from New Zealand. To date they have released two albums as Finn Brothers: Finn (1995) and Everyone Is Here (2004). Tim Finn was one of the founders of the band Split Enz, his younger brother Neil was also in the band for later albums. After they split Tim Finn went solo and Neil Finn formed Crowded House. Tim joined them on their third album Woodface, then left. Crowded House split in 1996 after one more album.

Artist Tags For Finn Brothers

1) New Zealand 2) Singer-Songwriter 3) Rock 4) Seen Live 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Finn Brothers

1) Anything Can Happen 2) Won't Give In 3) Edible Flowers 4) Nothing Wrong With You 5) Disembodied Voices 6) Luckiest Man Alive 7) Homesick 8) Gentle Hum 9) Part of Me, Part of You 10) A Life Between Us 11) All God's Children 12) All the Colours 13) Only Talking Sense 14) Suffer Never 15) Edible Flowers (Radio Edit) 16) Paradise (Wherever You Are) 17) Angel's Heap 18) Last Day Of June 19) Eyes of the World 20) Where Is My Soul 21) Mood Swinging Man 22) Niwhai 23) Bullets in My Hairdo 24) Kiss The Road Of Rarotonga 25) Angels Heap 26) How Will You Go 27) Dirty Creature 28) Intro 29) The Land Torments the Sea 30) Outro 31) Won`t Give In 32) Way Back Down 33) Weather With You (Live At Max Music Australia) 34) Nothing Wrong With You (Radio Edit) 35) Interview 36) Six Months In A Leaky Boat (Live From Music Max Australia) 37) Too Many People 38) Dirty Creature (Live At Kcrw) 39) Mary Of The South Seas 40) Weather With You 41) Sunset Swim 42) Six months in a leaky boat 43) Four Seasons in One Day 44) Wont Give In 45) Won't Give in [Neil] 46) Won't Give In (Napster Session) 47) Whaling 48) better be home soon 49) Don't dream it's over 50) Way Back Down (iTunes Bonus)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Finn Brothers

1) Everyone is Here 2) Finn 3) Edible Flowers 4) Eyes of the World (Live Fan Club disc) 5) Nothing Wrong With You 6) Scrubs Season 5 7) Kcrw Session 8) Finn Brothers 9) Scrubs - Season 5 (Bootleg) 10) (null) 11) Won't Give In 12) The Best Acoustic Album In The 13) Scrubs - Season 5 [O.S.T.] 14) She Will Have Her Way: The Songs of Tim & Neil Finn [CD2] 15) The Best Acoustic Album In The World 16) Everyone Is Here (Bonus Tracks) 17) The Best Acoustic Album In The World...Ever 18) The Best Acoustic Album In The World... Ever! (Disk 1) 19) Scrubs 20) The Best Acoustic Album In The World... Ever! 21) She Will Have Her Way: The Songs Of Tim & Neil Finn [Disc 2] 22) Scrubs - Season 5 23) Napster Session 24) Music From Outrageous Fortune 25) Because Of Winn-Dixie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] 26) Because Of Winn-Dixie 27) Alternative Ballads 2 28) Because Of Winn-Dixie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 29) She Will Have Her Way 30) She Will Have Her Way: The Songs Of Tim & Neil Finn 31) OST - Scrubs (Season 5) 32) More Nature 33) Listen To What The Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute To The Music Of Paul McCartney 34) Scrubs Soundtrack 35) The Best Acoustic Album in the World... Ever! (CD 1) 36) She will have her way (Disc 2) 37) LIsten to What the Man Said 38) Everyone Is Here (1 of 2) 39) Common Ground - Voices of Modern Irish Music 40) Cities 97 Sampler, Vol. 16 41) KCRW Radio session 42) Radio Paradise - DJ-mixed modern & classic rock, world, electronica & more - info: 43) The Anthology: North, South, East & West 44) Scrubs OST 45) from KFOG to iTunes - Live EP 46) Can't buy the sunshine 47) 7 Worlds Collide - Live at The St. James 48) Lazy Sunday 5 49) Common Ground: Voices Of Modern Irish Music 50) Live From The Mountain Music Lounge Volume 11

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