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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Flatsound

"Now seven releases into his musical career, Mitch Welling aka Flatsound has slowly but surely built a loyal and engaged following, with the individuality, consistency and frequency of physical material being a contributing factor to this success. Most recent release Sleep is a record of two halves, one focusing on intimate, poignant songwriting, flourishing lyrically allowing the listener to develop a deeply personal relationship with Flatsound whilst the second half finds Welling experimenting with ambient, atmospheric sounds."

Artist Tags For Flatsound

1) Lo-Fi 2) Indie 3) Ambient 4) Indie Folk 5) Bedroom

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Flatsound

1) If You Love Me, Come Clean 2) Don't Call Me At All 3) Sleep 4) I Exist I Exist I Exist 5) My Heart Goes Bum Bum Bum 6) You Are the Coffin 7) If we could just pretend 8) To See You Alive 9) Summer or Spring 10) you wrote "don't forget" on your arm 11) It's Thursday, January 12th and This Is the Last Time I'll Talk About Drowning 12) Learning to Hate You as a Self Defense Mechanism 13) in the absence of everything, i promise to keep you warm 14) We're Fighting Again 15) I Hope You're Okay 16) I'm Broken But I'll Try 17) It's Sunday, April 19th and I Miss You 18) you said okay 19) On the Porch of a Home Built in 1943 20) You Know How to Make a Boy Feel Warm 21) lately i've been feeling tired of everyone i know 22) you were a home that i wanted to grow up in 23) The Cowardly Lion Doesn't Write Love Songs 24) You Know How to Make a Man Feel Useless 25) We'll Hope for a Good Day 26) Intro 27) Consciousness 28) Ferris Bueller 29) Old Lumina 30) we walked downtown 31) Nothing Good Comes from Being Gone 32) you had a panic attack in my bathroom 33) someone who will talk about anything 34) We'll Live 35) Live Up 36) I Lost Control 37) Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed 38) The One Who Gave Up 39) Remembering a Room That Isn't There 40) Lilllian 41) Waking Up Early to Leave This Place 42) Even the Stars Can Be Hollow 43) You Wanted to Look for Help, I Wanted to Sit and Wait to Be Rescued 44) 66666666 45) You're an Artifact 46) fault lines 47) Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow 48) Macie Lightfoot, I'm Broken 49) Cross On My Mind 50) Fading

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Flatsound

1) Sleep 2) I Clung to You Hoping We'd Both Drown 3) Scotland, I Wish You Had Stayed 4) if we could just pretend 5) (null) 6) Four Songs for Losing You 7) I Stayed up Until Sunrise but Got to Fall Asleep to the Sounds of Birds Singing (A Compilation of Songs from 2008-2013) 8) Did Everything Feel Beautiful When You Let Go of the Idea of Being Anything at All 9) Hummingbird 10) By Your Side / Destroy You 11) Old Soil (Spoken Word Pieces from 2012-2013) 12) losing the interest and trust i had in you 13) scotland, i wish you had stayed. 14) Hands 15) somewhere in the distance, somewhere toward the mountains 16) a lost parcel 17) cassette recordings 18) i'm okay 19) Flatsound 20) Songs You Can Have For Free 21) Songs From A Few Years Back 22) Uploaded by flatsound 23) you said okay 24) Four Songs for Losing You - EP 25) a morning spent thinking of a life without you 26) If We Could Just Pretend - EP 27) four songs on losing you 28) Did Everything Feel Beautiful When You Let Go of the Idea of Being Anything at All - EP 29) i clung to you hoping we'd bot 30) Kill the Intellectuals / Personality Disorders / Panucci's Pizza / Flatsound / Emo Side Project Split 31) House To Myself Vol. 1 32) Music 33) i stayed up until sunrise but got to fall asleep to the sounds of birds singing 34) songs recorded in my bathroom 35) i was happier with you 36) someone who will talk about anything 37) twenty minutes of songwriting 38) download 39) equals 40) By Your Side / Destroy You - Single 41) Funeral Sounds Presents: A Compilation for Casa Ruby 42) you are the coffin 43) Hands - Single 44) Old Soil (Spoken Word Pieces from 2012-2013) - EP 45) i exist i exist i exist 46) Scotland I Wish You Had Stayed 47) House To Myself Vol. 2 48) twenty minutes of songwriting (Side A) 49) My Heart Goes Bum Bum Bum 50) Sleep (Explicit)

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