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Fluffy Starr

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Fluffy Starr

Fluffy Starr is the name of a Vancouver, Canada based recording artist, who creates and performs Electronic Rock music. First CD "Come On!" was released on Halloween 2007. Fluffy Starr has also appeared on Celldweller's debut CD (in songs Frozen, Stars of Orion, and Welcome to the End). Also appeared on Australian band Dead Inside The Chrysalis (track: “Release Your Freak” on the album Humanoid Expansion Pack) Fluffy Starr's music and image is very colorful, sporting her signature electric pink and black. She is a powerhouse of energy.

Artist Tags For Fluffy Starr

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial 3) Electronic 4) Alternative 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Fluffy Starr

1) Obsession 2) Come On! 3) Diffikult Grrl 4) Dirty Little Secret 5) Cold 6) Unspeakable 7) Sinister 8) CandyAss 9) Bitter 10) Krush 11) Intro 12) NV 13) Perfect 14) Cold (Feat. Klayton from Celldweller) 15) Cold (Feat. Klayton - Celldweller) 16) Cold (feat. Klayton of Celldweller) 17) Find Me 18) Control Freak 19) Telefone 20) Fluffy Starr Sampler 21) Sinister (clip) 22) Krush (clip) 23) Cold feat. Klayton of Celldweller 24) NV (clip) 25) Control Freak (Master of Disas 26) Come On 27) Cold (Feat. Klayton) 28) Diffikult Girl 29) Cold (feat. Celldweller) 30) Sampler2 31) Bad Grrls Go To Hell 32) Cold ft.Klayton (Celldweller) 33) Sampler 2 34) Control Freak (Disaster Remix) 35) Master of the Universe 36) Control Freak (Master of Disaster) 37) Diffikult Grl 38) Come On Teaser 39) bitter (demo) 40) N.V. 41) Difficult Grrl 42) 08 Cold2 43) DarkDarkerDarkest 44) Cold (Featuring Klayton of Celldweller) 45) Cold teaser 46) Sampler II 47) Cold (featuring Celldweller) 48) Cold Teaser 49) Obsession (clip) 50) Bitter teaser

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