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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Foetus

General name for works of J.G. Thirlwell (aka Clint Ruin, Manorexia, Steroid Maximus & others) - commonly, if simplistically - described as industrial. Many name variations have been used during his four-decade spanning career, beginning with the first proper album Deaf in '81, using the name You've Got Foetus On Your Breath. Since the mid-'90s, 'main project' releases (excl. projects like Manorexia), have simply used the name Foetus. Other name variations used at some point in time or another include Foetus Art Terrorism / F.

Artist Tags For Foetus

1) Industrial 2) Experimental 3) Post-Punk 4) Avant-Garde 5) Industrial Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Foetus

1) The Throne Of Agony 2) Theme From Pigdom Come 3) Descent into the Inferno 4) Enter The Exterminator 5) DI-1-9026 6) Pigswill 7) Anything (Viva!) 8) The Overture from Pigdom Come 9) Private War 10) Clothes Hoist 11) Lust for Death 12) Time Marches On 13) Aladdin Reverse 14) I'll Meet You in Poland Baby 15) Mon Agonie Douce 16) Hot Horse 17) Satan Place 18) Slung 19) (not adam) 20) Miracle 21) Sick Man 22) Street Of Shame 23) Water Torture 24) Blessed Evening 25) Verklemmt 26) White Knuckles 27) Mighty Whity 28) Mortgage 29) Cold Day In Hell 30) Hammer Falls 31) Don't Want Me Anymore 32) Friend or Foe 33) Pareidolia 34) Take it Outside Godboy 35) How to Vibrate 36) Downfall 37) They Are Not So True 38) Steal Your Life Away 39) Gums Bleed 40) Mutapump 41) See Ya Later 42) Quick Fix 43) Cirrhosis of the Heart 44) Theme From Pigdom Come - Instrumental 45) Mandelay 46) Shun 47) The Need Machine 48) Fin 49) Today I Started Slogging Again 50) Grace of God

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