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Fox Amoore

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Fox Amoore

Fox Amoore, (1984 - Present), real name "Iain", is a British musician. He is best recognized for his skill as a Piano and Keyboard player, as well as his Piano based compositions. His music mainly consists of the New-Age and Orchestral styles with strong Piano lead. However he has also performed and composed in a number of others, including Jazz and to a lesser extent, Electronica/Modern Dance. He has performed and composed for numerous acts and Media.

Artist Tags For Fox Amoore

1) New Age 2) Piano 3) Orchestral 4) Chillout 5) Classical

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Fox Amoore

1) A Wolf WIth No Name 2) Metal Gear Solid 2 - Fox Amoore Version 3) Waltz of the Spirits 4) Journey of the Wolf 5) The Forest 6) Shades Of Lupine 7) Dance with the Moon 8) The Dragon's Waltz 9) Ilia's Theme - Fox Amoore Version 10) dreaming of you 11) The Spell Master 12) The Voice of Sinnah 13) Lugia's Theme 14) The Ballad of the Windfish 15) Tiger in the Moonlight 16) A Fox by the Riverside 17) A Husky in The Snow 18) The Shore 19) Piano Improvisation - Falling Rain 20) The Lake 21) Colours of the Land 22) A Story in Sunset 23) The Secret World 24) The Stars 25) Wendigo's Lullaby 26) My World 27) Forbidden Love 28) Angels & Demons 29) Rain 30) I Am Here 31) Relive 32) Lord and Lady 33) Himalaya Sunset 34) Aurora 35) Myre 36) The Assassin 37) Hero 38) Immortal Love 39) The Shore - Feel Edition 40) Prelude to Bitter Lake 41) Sea of Clouds 42) Apollo's Kiss 43) Over the Ocean 44) Shine the Light 45) Talking With Ghosts 46) Forest Dancers 47) Mythology - Reno's Theme 48) Desert Runner 49) Soar with me 50) Spring Fields

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