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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For FuntCase

FuntCase had started making Dubstep early July, which came after 5 years of mainly producing Drum and Bass. His first track 'Gorilla Flex' was originally just for laughs but it turned out to be quite a highly rated track and it wasnt long until he got his first Dubstep release on vinyl, with 4:20 records. Enjoying the new way of production he militantly went on to make a few more tracks, one entitled 'Half Drunk' and the other 'Make Our Day' which also made the vinyl release with Gorilla Flex.

Artist Tags For FuntCase

1) Dubstep 2) Filthstep 3) Electronic 4) Dub 5) Dirty

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For FuntCase

1) Fuuuuk! (Original Mix) 2) Mattress Punch 3) So Vexed 4) 50 Calibre 5) Make Our Day 6) 50 Caliber 7) Out for da Milli 8) Ghosts 9) Acid Riddim 10) Gorilla Flex 11) Dubsteppa 12) Everybody Knows (feat. Foreign Beggars & OGz) 13) Matress Punch 14) Oh Deary Deary Me! 15) Make Our Day V.I.P 16) Dem Mans 17) Takin' The Piss 18) Let's Do It 19) Atom Bomb 20) Gorilla Flex (Roksonix King Kong Remix) 21) Predator 22) Angry Claws 23) Scary Yikes Grrz 24) Don't P*ss Me Off (feat. MIK) 25) Stomptown 26) FAIL! 27) Takin The Piss 28) Titanium (feat. Daniil Svetlov) 29) 4 Barz of Fury (Barely Alive Remix) 30) Voodew 31) So Vexed (Crissy Criss Edition) 32) IN! (feat. Persist) 33) Invaderz (feat. Jakes) 34) Fuuuuk! 35) So Vexed (Danny Firestorm VIP) 36) Let's Go 37) Fuuuuck! 38) Half Drunk 39) Warfare 40) Taking The Piss 41) HotDogFace 42) Bad Selection 43) Make Our Day VIP 44) Fuuuuk! - Original Mix 45) Fire Puja 46) So Vexed (Cookie Monsta Remix) 47) Dubsteppa (feat. Raff) 48) Neckbreaker 49) Takin The Piss (Original Mix) 50) Everybody Knows (Ft. Foreign Beggars vs The OGz)

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