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Georg Philipp Telemann

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Georg Philipp Telemann

Georg Philipp Telemann (14th March 1681–25th June 1767) was a German Baroque composer, born in Magdeburg. Self-taught in music, he studied law at the University of Leipzig. The most prolific composer of his era, he was a contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach and a life-long friend of Georg Friedrich Händel. While in the present day Bach is generally thought of as the greater composer, Telemann was more widely renowned for his musical abilities during his lifetime.

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Georg Philipp Telemann

1) Affettuoso 2) Grave 3) Presto 4) I. Menuet I - Menuet II 5) Bergerie 6) Les Danois modernes 7) Ouverture 8) Aria: Ich weiss, dass mein Erloser lebt (Tenor) 9) Allegretto 10) Chorus "Andern hat er geholfen" (Studio) 11) Recorder Suite in A minor: Réjouissance 12) Chorale "Dess sollen wir uns trösten" (Studio) 13) Sonata in E- i 14) Dolce 15) First Movement 16) I. Andante 17) Recorder Suite In A Minor 18) Soave 19) Hornpipe 20) Menuet I 21) D7 II. Allegro 22) Allegro 23) III 24) I. Allegro 25) Rejouissance 26) Tintamare 27) Concerto in G major TWV 40:201, for 4 Violins without Basso continuo: 1. Largo e staccato 28) Air a l'Italien 29) Gigue 30) Allegresse, vite 31) Siciliana 32) Trumpet Concerto in D Major, TWV 51:D7: I. Adagio 33) Menuett I and II 34) Viola Concerto in G major - Largo 35) Concero for Three Violins in F major: Largo 36) Overture (Suite), TWV 55 D15 37) Passpied 1/2 38) Courante 39) Largo - Allegro - Largo 40) Viola Concerto in G Major, TWV 51:G9: I. Largo 41) Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo in G Major, TWV 41:G1: II. Allegro 42) Chorale "Laßt uns mit Ernst betrachten" (Studio) 43) Les Allemands modernes 44) Vivace 45) I. Largo 46) Largo 47) Le Reveil de Quixotte 48) Concerto for Flute and Violin in E Minor, TWV 52:e3: I. No indication 49) Trio II en Sol Majeur pour viole, clavecin obligato et basse continue, TWV 42:G6 (Essercizii Musici, Hambourg 1727): I. Andante 50) Sonata en sol majeur pour traverso, 2 violes et basse continue, twv 43:g12: I. dolce

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Georg Philipp Telemann

1) TELEMANN: Recorder Suite / Recorder Concertos 2) TELEMANN: La Changeante / Les Nations Anciens et Modernes 3) TELEMANN: Musique de Table (Tafelmusik), Vol. 4 4) Matthaus - Passion 1746 (St. Matthew Passion) 5) TELEMANN: Viola Concerto / Recorder Suite in A minor / Tafelmusik 6) Telemann Flute Duets 7) TELEMANN: Darmstadt Overtures (Suites) 8) TELEMANN: 6 Sonatas for Two Flutes without Bass 9) Les Plaisirs, Chamber Concertos 10) TELEMANN: Don Quixote / La Lyra / Ouverture in D Minor 11) Festive Cantatas 12) A BRIDE'S GUIDE TO WEDDING MUSIC 13) Telemann: Sinfonia Spirituosa; String Concertos 14) TELEMANN: Musique de Table (Tafelmusik), Vol. 1 15) Telemann: Trios & Quatuors 16) Le Concert Spirituel au temps de Louis XV 17) TELEMANN: II flauto 18) Musique Baroque De Telemann - performed according to the traditions of the time by Wolfgang Bauer Consort 19) Telemann: Ouverture & Concerti pour Darmstadt 20) Telemann: Violin Sonatas 21) Telemann's Music Box 22) Telemann: Recorder Suite in A minor - Viola Concerto - Tafelmusik: 2 Concerti 23) TELEMANN: Musique de Table (Tafelmusik), Vol. 2 24) Telemann: Complete Tafelmusik 25) A Guide to Classical Music: The Trumpet 26) Musica Amphion, Telemann:Tafelmusik (Complete) [Box Set] 27) Baroque Trumpet (The Art Of The), Vol. 1 28) A Baroque Dinner Menu - Music fit for a banquet 29) Telemann: Orchestral Suites 30) Krupfälzisches Kammerorchester Mannheim, Telemann: Trumpet Concertos (Complete) (Box Set) 31) Andrew Manze, Telemann: Twelve Fantasias for Violin Solo; Gulliver Suite for Two Violins 32) Orfeo Baroque Orchestra, Telemann: Complete Violin Concertos, Vol. 1 33) Marcello, A.: Oboe Concerto in D Minor / Telemann, G.P.: Oboe Concerto in F Minor / Handel, G.F.: Oboe Concerto No. 3 34) Telemann: Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst (Der), Vol. 1 35) Roots 36) Berliner Barock Solisten, Telemann: Concertos; Unknown Works 37) Telemann: Wassermusik 38) Vivaldi, Bach, Marcello & Telemann 39) Ouverture & 3 Concertos (Dan Laurin) 40) (null) 41) Camerata Köln, Telemann: Concerts & Suites 1734 42) Telemann: Tafelmusik 43) Concertos and Cantatas For Christmas 44) Sonnerie, Telemann: The Six Paris Quartets 45) Telemann: Complete Double Concertos With Recorder 46) undefined 47) Reinhard Goebel, Telemann: Bläserkonzerte (Wind Concertos) 48) Les Nations Anciens Et Modernes, Telemann: Overture Suites / Changeante 49) Orchestra Of The Golden Age, Musique De Table (Tafelmusik) Part I - Vol.1 50) Telemann Collection

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Georg Philipp Telemann