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Ginger Wildheart

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ginger Wildheart

This is Ginger, of The Wildhearts fame. Ginger was born as David Walls in South Shields, Tyne and Wear on December 17th, 1964. Though known best as lead singer of the Wildhearts, he has had a wide and varied career in the past two decades with bands including Silver Ginger 5, Super$hit 666, Clam Abuse, and worked with Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe on the album Sensory Overdrive. Ginger currently records and plays as Ginger Wildheart, and his latest album

Artist Tags For Ginger Wildheart

1) Rock 2) Hard Rock 3) Seen Live 4) British 5) Punk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ginger Wildheart

1) Honour 2) Forget About It 3) Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow 4) It Appears That The Party Is Over 5) Taste Aversion 6) Time 7) Just Another Song About Someone 8) You're The One, You're The One, Yeah I Know You're The One, You're The One (Yeah I Know You're The One) 9) Internal Radio 10) Westward Ho! (A New Reputation) 11) Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled 12) We've Been Expecting You 13) Drive 14) Cambria 15) Lover It'll All Work Out 16) Body Parts 17) Burn This City Down 18) Grow A Pair 19) Lie When You Tell Me The Truth 20) The Order Of The Dog 21) Begin From Within 22) Baby Skies 23) Deep In The Arms Of Morpheus 24) Incidental Noises 25) Lover, It'll All Work Out 26) The Other Side 27) Strange New Year 28) Powderkeg 29) Illuminating Times 30) Silence 31) Down The Dip 32) After All You Said About Cowboys 33) I-N-T-E-R-N-A-L R-adio 34) Creepers 35) Only Henry Rollins Can Save Us Now 36) Return Of The Northern Cardinal 37) Confusion 38) Albion 39) Very, Very Slow 40) The Pendine Incident 41) El Mundo (Slow Fatigue) 42) Do The Lonely Suffer More, Or Less, Or Just The Same At The Point Of Death? 43) The Daylight Hotel 44) Sleeping In The Light 45) If You Find Yourself In London Town 46) Do You? 47) The Last Day Of Summer 48) In Vino Veritas 49) There Is Something Wrong With My Mind 50) The End

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