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Grace Petrie

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Grace Petrie

Grace Petrie (born 1987) is a British folk singer-songwriter and guitarist from Leicester, UK. She was hailed in The Guardian as “a powerful new songwriting voice” in 2011. Petrie writes indie folk rock songs (a couple with an acoustic punk twist), plays the guitar and sings with a voice that has been described by listeners as similar to Laura Marling, Kate Nash. From the humble beginnings of small gigs in her hometown in 2006 and a home-recorded debut album

Artist Tags For Grace Petrie

1) UK 2) Acoustic 3) England 4) Seen Live 5) Folk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Grace Petrie

1) Pride 2) Departures 3) Black Tie 4) Farewell To Welfare 5) Iago 6) A Young Woman's Tale 7) Baby Blue 8) Tom Paine's Bones 9) Nobody Knows That I'm A Fraud 10) Northbound 11) Maggie Thatcher's Dream 12) God Save The Hungry 13) This House 14) Beeswing 15) I Wish The Guardian Believed That I Exist 16) I've Had Worse 17) December 18) Protest Singer Blues 19) Inspector Morse 20) Tell Me a Story 21) Rise 22) Make America Hate Again 23) The Distance 24) This Time Next Year We'll Be Millionaires 25) Black & Blue 26) The Golden Record 27) You Build A Wall 28) Emily Davison Blues 29) If There's A Fire In Your Heart 30) Last Breath 31) They Shall Not Pass 32) Coldwaterproofjacket 33) Sunshine 34) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 35) These Things That I Know 36) I'm Not Going Down With Your Ship 37) Middle of June 38) Delete My Number 39) London's Burning 40) The Vegan Song 41) Incompetent Love Song 42) Orbit 43) An Apology 44) Tonne of Bricks 45) Aeroplanes and Stars 46) Your Good Heart Is Wasted On Me 47) Bad Guys 48) She's Not You 49) Done Deal 50) On The Road to BC

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Grace Petrie

1) Queer as Folk 2) There's No Such Thing As A Protest Singer 3) Grace Petrie 4) Celebrating Subversion: The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow 5) Heart First Aid Kit 6) Tell Me A Story 7) Mark My Words 8) (null) 9) If There's a Fire in Your Heart 10) Queer as Folk (Deluxe) 11) Black Tie 12) Feel Better 13) Whatever's Left 14) When No One's Listening 15) Love Is My Rebellion 16) There's No Such Thing As a Protest Singer - EP 17) You Were Always Gonna Break My Heart, Honey 18) Stick In The Wheel present: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 19) Black Tie - Single 20) Exports02 21) Live At St. Pancras Old Church 22) Live At St Pancras Old Church 23) There's No Such Thing As A Protest Singer [EP] 24) I Do Not Have The Power to Cause a Flood 25) EXPORTS02 (Live Recordings) 26) From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 27) RHLSTP with Richard Herring 28) There's No Such Thing As A 'Protest Singer' 29) If There's a Fire in Your Heart (feat. Liam Jordan, Paula Wichall Ben Greenland) 30) If There's a Fire in Your Heart (feat. Liam Jordan, Paula Wichall & Ben Greenland) 31) Music 32) English Folk Field Recordings Volume 2 33) If There's a Fire in Your Heart (feat. Liam Jordan, Paula Wichall & Ben Greenland) - Single 34) Download 35) Misc 36) Queer As Folk (Pitch Shifted) 37) When No Ones Listening 38) love is my revolution 39) B-Sides 40) Live on The Now Show 41) Charlie's Petrie 42) LlLl 43) Scratch Recordings October 2016 44) You Were Always Gonne Break My Heart, Honey 45) New folder 46) Whatever's Left Roughs 47) Folk! Indie! Acoustic! 48) Greystones Sheffield 49) Live, 2013 50) Xtra Mile High Club, Vol. 5 - Smokin'

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