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Granger Smith

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Granger Smith

Granger Kelly Smith (born September 4, 1979), also known by his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr., is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has released nine studio albums, one live album, and one EP. Smith was born in Dallas, Texas. At the age of 14, he became interested in music and decided to pursue it as a hobby, teaching himself guitar. At 19, Smith moved from Texas to Nashville after signing a songwriting contract with EMI Music Publishing.

Artist Tags For Granger Smith

1) Country 2) Texas Country 3) Modern Country 4) Pop Country 5) Texas

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Granger Smith

1) Backroad Song 2) Happens Like That 3) If the Boot Fits 4) When the Good Guys Win 5) You're In It 6) Silverado Bench Seat 7) The Country Boy Song (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 8) We Do It in a Field 9) Stutter 10) Miles and Mud Tires 11) Country Boy Love (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 12) Don't Listen to the Radio 13) Don't Tread on Me (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 14) We Bleed Maroon 15) Bury Me in Blue Jeans 16) Merica (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 17) Sleeping On The Interstate 18) If Money Didn't Matter 19) 19 Forever 20) Dirty Dishes 21) I'm Wearing Black 22) Stick Around 23) City Boy Stuck (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.) 24) Colorblind 25) Easy 26) She Was September 27) I Am The Midnight 28) Come 29) November Never Came 30) 5 More Minutes 31) Lost In Love 32) Long Way Home 33) Gypsy Rain 34) Tonight 35) Letters To London 36) Remington 37) Oxygen 38) Tailgate Town 39) Long Way From OK 40) Backroad Song (Radio Edit) 41) Still Holds Up 42) Memory Rd. 43) Gimme Something 44) 'Til The Wheels Fall Off 45) Likin' Love Songs 46) Blue Collar Dollars 47) Saturday Night Meets Sunday Morning 48) Tractor 49) That's What I Do With It 50) Turn It On

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