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Green Jellÿ

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Green Jellÿ

Green Jellÿ is an American comedy punk/metal musical group from Kenmore, New York, USA. Originally named Green Jell-O, they changed their name due to legal pressure from the owners of the Jell-O trademark, who claimed that it was an infringement on their trademark. Despite the spelling difference, the new name and the old are pronounced identically. The name was chosen due to the band's poor opinion of that flavor, and they decided that it also appropriately reflected the quality of their music.

Artist Tags For Green Jellÿ

1) Metal 2) Comedy 3) Heavy Metal 4) Rock 5) Alternative

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Green Jellÿ

1) Three Little Pigs 2) The Bear Song 3) Born to Be Wild 4) Obey the Cowgod 5) Cereal Killer (Edit) 6) Anarchy In The U.K. 7) Electric Harley House (of Love) 8) Misadventures of Shitman 9) Rock-N-Roll Pumpkihn 10) Trippin' On XTC 11) House Me Teenage Rave 12) Flight Of The Skajaquada (Edit) 13) Green Jelly Theme Song 14) Carnage Rules 15) Orange Krunch 16) Super Elastic 17) Fight 18) Jerk 19) Jump 20) Fixation 21) Fr3to F33t 22) Slave Boy 23) Anthem 24) piñata hed 25) Anarchy In Bedrock 26) Getfilte Fish 27) Sugar & Spice 28) Green Jellÿ Theme Song 29) Stabby the Clown 30) Nightmare on Sesame Street 31) Geek Girl 32) Green Jello Theme Song 33) I Will Not 34) Obey The Cow God 35) You're Gone 36) Marty the Weirdo 37) Nothing To Say 38) Trick Or Treat 39) Green Jellö Theme Song 40) What Would Brian Boitano Do? 41) Rooster Jowels 42) Albert Fish Liverwurst 43) Whip Me Teenage Babe 44) The Ballad of Swing Low Scroty 45) Three Little Pigs (edit) 46) Magic Ed 47) Circus, Circus 48) Chewbacca, What A Wookie 49) Anarchy In The UK 50) Food Fight

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