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Gregg Bissonette

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Gregg Bissonette

... Family and music go hand in hand for Gregg, growing up in Detroit, Michigan with his bassist brother Matt & band leader Dad. Gregg went on to study at North Texas State where he was featured in the famed "One O'clock Jazz Band." After college he soon joined Matt in the Maynard Ferguson Big Band. By the early `80's Gregg had relocated to Los Angeles where his ability to seamlessly fit into a wide variety of musical situations rapidly established him as a session legend.

Artist Tags For Gregg Bissonette

1) Fusion 2) Drums 3) Drummer 4) Rock 5) Instrumental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Gregg Bissonette

1) Marbles 2) Noah's ark 3) Submarine 4) Cloudy day 5) No Hay Parqueo 6) Train to Willoughby 7) 12 to 3 8) Lum Lum 9) Sasquatch 10) So Many Notes & So Little Time 11) The Son Man 12) Nothing Else Matters 13) Teenage Immigrant 14) Common Road 15) In A Mellow Tone 16) Frankenstein 17) Frank Gambale 18) Wildwood 19) Vulgar Boatman 20) Frybrain 21) Dr. Toulak 22) You Kill Me 23) Tribute to Tony 24) No Matter What 25) Common Road (feat. Steve Vai) 26) 1920 Shady Dr. 27) Teenage Immigrant (Feat. Scott Henderson) 28) Vulgar Boatman (feat. Paul Gilbert) 29) Dr. Toulak (feat. Ty Tabor) 30) Twist And Shout 31) Bad Habits 32) Tribute To Tony (feat. Mike Miller) 33) You Kill Me (feat. Scott Henderson) 34) Frybrain (feat. Steve Luthaker) 35) 1920 Shady Dr. (feat. Michael Thompson) 36) Wildwood (Andy Summers) 37) Wildwood(feat. Andy Summers) 38) No Matter What (feat. Doug Bossi and George Bernhardt) 39) Gregg Bissonette 40) Frankenstein (George Bernhardt/Doug Bossi) 41) Frankenstein(feat. George Bernhardt and Doug Bossi) 42) The Mighty Quinn 43) No Matter What (Doug Bossi/George Bernhardt) 44) Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer 45) Dream On 46) Traccia Audio 21 47) 1920 Shady Drive 48) Noah´s Ark 49) Traccia Audio 04 50) Noahґs Ark

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Gregg Bissonette

1) Submarine 2) Gregg Bissonette 3) The World's Greatest Metallica Tribute 4) Harder & Heavier - '60s British Invasion Goes Metal 5) Diamond Dave 6) Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich, Vol. II 7) minus drums 8) Archives, Vol. 4 9) Burning For Buddy: A Tribute to The Music of Buddy Rich, Volume II 10) Siblings 11) Greg Bissonette 12) We Wish You A Metal Xmas 13) Sounds 59 14) Warning Will Robinson 15) 2012 Midwest Clinic: Westlake High School Studio Jazz Ensemble I 16) (null) 17) We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year 18) Metallic Assault - A Tribute to Metallica 19) Power Rock Duos 20) Hard Rock Superstars 21) no title 22) Musikexpress 059 23) Nothing Else Matters - A Tribute to Metallica 24) Vic Firth Artist Series Volume 1 25) Burning For Buddy Vol. 2 26) Favored Nations CD Sampler 2001 27) Warning Will Robinson! 28) 2000 - Submarine 29) Vic Firth Vol. 1 30) Metallic Assault: a Tribute to Metallica 31) Not the Same Old Song and Dance: A Tribute to Aerosmith 32) A Mellow Jazz Christmas 33) Pigs and Pyramids: An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd (Tribute) 34) A Tribute to Aerosmith [Big Eye] 35) null 36) Spin The Bottle - Tribute To Kiss 37) Musikexpress 59 38) People Who Speak With Their Hands 39) This Is The Blues Volume 04 40) Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich, Vol.II 41) Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich, Vol. 2 42) This is the Blues Volume 4 43) Burning For Buddy: A Tribute To The Music Of Buddy Rich. Volume 2 44) Private Lesson 45) Playing, Reading and Soloing with a Band 46) Greg Bissonette [Import] 47) Submarine (Special Edition) 48) Gregg Bissonette (Special Edition) 49) Playing, Reading, and Soloing with a Band 50) Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich, Vol.2

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