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Guy Sweens

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Guy Sweens

Guy was born in the South-East of the Netherlands. Already as a child, Guy showed many interest in music and he was spending much time listening to pop- and classical music. His grandparents had a very good sounding piano which his grandfather used to play and when Guy was visiting them, he often tried to play the piano too. It was in that time that he discovered how much fun it could be to compose music by himself in stead of just playing music that was made by somebody else.

Artist Tags For Guy Sweens

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Atmospheric 4) Relax 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Guy Sweens

1) In Search of the Truth 2) Temptation Of Mara 3) Gaya of Wisdom 4) Arrows of Desire 5) Siddharta's Journey 6) Embodiment of Good Luck 7) Under The Great Bodhi Tree 8) Rati 9) Dhamma 10) Lord Shiva's Heart 11) Son of Krishna 12) Vasanta 13) Enlightenment 14) The Bodiless 15) Surrounded by Nymphs 16) Guarding Her Home 17) Remover of Obstacles 18) Worship (feat. Medwyn Goodall) 19) Pathway to the Past 20) Worship 21) Universal Parents (feat. Sangit Om) 22) Skanda (feat. Medwyn Goodall) 23) Universal Parents 24) Pathway To The Present 25) Skanda 26) Bhuta Gana (feat. Medwyn Goodall) 27) Bhuta Gana 28) Magical East 29) Mongolian Rituals 30) Approaching the Desert 31) Inner Strength 32) Yaatri 33) Varanasi 34) Human Nature 35) Chachapoyas 36) Celebrating Ancient Times 37) Rhythm of Life 38) Dance Of The Spirits 39) Unfulfilled Wishes 40) Mount Loura 41) Spring Delight 42) On A Winter Day 43) Harmony 44) Japanese Ceremony 45) Festival At The Castle 46) Sanchi 47) Balkan Traditions 48) Cause and Effect 49) In Search Of Truth 50) Universal Parents (Feat. Sangi

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