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Hadag Nahash

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Hadag Nahash

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The group's name literally means "the fish-snake", which means an eel in Hebrew ("Ha" meaning the, "dag"' meaning fish, and "nachash" meaning snake). It is also, however, a Hebrew spoonerism. In Israel, people who have only recently gotten their driver's licenses place a tag on their back window with the words "Nehag Chadash" Hebrew: נהג חדש ("new driver"). The anagram "HaDag Nachash" therefore indicates the group's ambitions: a voice for the youth in Israel[citation needed].

Artist Tags For Hadag Nahash

1) Israel 2) Funk 3) Hip-Hop 4) Rap 5) Israeli

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Hadag Nahash

1) California 2) Shirat Hastiker (Sticker Song) 3) Ma Sheba Ba 4) Ma Sheba Ba (What Comes Around) 5) Hine Ani Ba (Here I Come) 6) Hine Ani Ba 7) Saga 8) Lotus 9) Jerusalem 10) Lo Mevater 11) Kamti 12) Misparim 13) Shirat Hasticker 14) od ach ehad 15) Lo Frayerim 16) Lo Maspik 17) Lo Mevater (Not Give Up) 18) Trumpeldor 19) Lazuz 20) Zman Lehitorer 21) Shir Nehama 22) Ani Ma'amin 23) melodika 24) יום שישי 25) Chalifot (Suits) 26) Statistica (Statistic) 27) סע! 28) Chalifot 29) Legal Eyes - English Version 30) Frayerim 31) Rak po (Only Here) 32) BeReshit 33) Little Man 34) Yatziv 35) Lehitchalek Ba Ear (Sharing The City) 36) Rak Po 37) Lo Frayerim (No Suckers) 38) Basalon Shel Salomon 39) Kol Hachuchot (All The Hot Chics) 40) Lazooz (To Move) 41) Mehabama Lehaftzitz (Bombing From The Stage) 42) Jambalaya 43) The Sticker Song 44) שמש 45) עוד אח אחד 46) תן לי מנגינה 47) War 48) Ma Na'ase? (What Shall We Do?) 49) Many Lights 50) Gan HaTut

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