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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Haddaway

Haddaway (born Nestor Alexander Haddaway on January 9, 1965 in Trinidad) is a Eurodance/House musician. Born into a local family, his mother was a local nurse, and his father, a Dutch oceanographer. He completed a doctorate in political science and history from George Washington University in Washington DC, before moving to Cologne, Germany, in 1989. He presently lives in Kitzbühel, Austria. Haddaway's biggest hit, "What Is Love," became very popular across Europe (reaching #2 in the UK), North America and Australia after its 1993 release.

Artist Tags For Haddaway

1) Dance 2) Eurodance 3) 90s 4) Pop 5) Electronic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Haddaway

1) What Is Love 2) What is love - 7" Mix 3) What Is Love? 4) Life 5) What is Love - Single Mix 6) Rock My Heart 7) I Miss You 8) What Is Love (7" Mix) 9) What Is Love - Radio Edit 10) Life (radio edit) 11) What About Me 12) Fly Away 13) Shout 14) Mama's House 15) Rock my heart - radio mix 16) Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me) 17) What Is Love (Single Mix) 18) Yeah 19) Sing About Love 20) What Is Love (Club Mix) 21) When The Feeling's Gone 22) I Miss You (Radio Edit) 23) Catch A Fire 24) What Is Love (12" Mix) 25) What Is Love (Original 7" Mix) 26) What Is Love (Reloaded) 27) Lover Be Thy Name 28) Life - Radio Edit 29) Stir It Up 30) Life (Album Re-Mix) 31) What Is Love (Rapino-Brothers-Mix) 32) What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro Radio Mix) 33) Rock My Heart (Radio Mix) 34) What Is Love (7' Mix) 35) Who Do You Love 36) Fly Away (Radio Edit) 37) What Is Love >Reloaded< (Radio Edit) 38) In The Mix 39) I Miss You (12" Mix) 40) What Is Love/Life/I Miss You (Mega Mix) 41) I Miss You (Club Mix) 42) What About Me (Radio Version) 43) What Is Love [Original 7" Mix] 44) You Gave Me Love 45) What is Love - original 7" mix 46) What is Love (Baby don't hurt me, no more) 47) Who Do You Love (Matrix Radio Edit) 48) What Is Love (7'' Mix) 49) Haddaway - What Is Love 50) What Is Love Reloaded

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