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Hanging Up The Moon

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Hanging Up The Moon

Country of Origin: Singapore Hanging Up The Moon is a 'self titled' 11 track album comprising of a series of home recordings. It's been awhile since I've done something musically and this album is the result of me trying to satisfy that urge to get back at music making. Since I currently do not have the time to commit to my band, the only way forward is to do this alone and at home. All the recordings took place in ungodly hours (hence the moniker), mostly because that's really the only window of time I have.

Artist Tags For Hanging Up The Moon

1) Folk 2) Singapore 3) Indie 4) Alternative 5) Indie Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Hanging Up The Moon

1) We Are 2) Water Under The Bridge 3) The Divers 4) Tiny Movements 5) Brave New World 6) Flock 7) Ebb And Flow 8) Unconditional 9) Towering Gloom 10) Don't Live A Lie 11) A Pathetic Excuse 12) Wild Thing Ginger 13) Indie Movie 14) Last Call 15) Comes A Light 16) Hanging Up The Moon 17) Pedestrian 18) The Drunkard 19) K 20) All Is Lost 21) Slow Train 22) An Honest Day's Work 23) A Distraction 24) Knell 25) Throwing Stones 26) Pandora 27) Nuclear 28) Winners All 29) Till The End 30) Walk The Talk 31) Rain Dance 32) 27 33) We Fail 34) Game of Life 35) Be Here 36) Snakes and Ladders 37) Glass House 38) Small Talk 39) Dream On 40) The Weathering 41) End Times 42) Tiny Movements (The Biggest Lie In The World, 2013) 43) 02. Tiny Movements 44) Til the End 45) The Biggest Lie In The World 46) Tiny Movements - Hanging Up The Moon 47) The Divers (Immaterial, 2015) 48) An Honest Days Work 49) Till The End (3.19) 50) Pedestrain

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