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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Havana

1) Havana is a female Soul artist from San Diego, California Cuba has been making world headlines recently with its historic experiences of newfound freedom and—true to her name and the current global climate—Southern California’s soulful singer-songwriter Havana has a lot in common with the flava-filled Caribbean island’s fresh liberation. “I used to wear this shirt that said ‘South America by way of Havana’ and everyone would ask if I was from Cuba.

Artist Tags For Havana

1) Neo-Soul 2) Soul 3) Hip-Hop 4) Punk 5) Nu Soul

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Havana

1) I Lost You 2) Vita Bella 3) Tangled 4) Yeah 5) Shine 6) Life 7) Feel My Love 8) Ethnic Prayer (Euro Mix) 9) A Few Words 10) True Luv 11) Search In (Only You Know) 12) Vivere 13) Intro/Free to Be Me 14) Shine (Nic's Remix) 15) Sublime Theme (Dub) 16) Sublime 17) Caught Up 18) Vita bella - Radio Edit 19) Ethic Prayer (Euro Mix) 20) Pentatonix 21) Que sera, sera - Radio Edit 22) Mon amour 23) Prelude to... 24) Big Love 25) Sublime theme - dub 26) Que Sera, Sera 27) Dance Like That - Original 28) La Copa De La Vida 29) I Lost You (feat. Yaar) 30) Ethic prayer - euro mix 31) Camila Cabello 32) Shift 33) Vita Bella (Radio Edit) 34) Walk off the Earth (Ft. Jocelyn Alice, KRNFX, Sexy Sax Man) Camila Cabello Cover 35) Danza (feat. Erik, J.Yolo) 36) Vita bella - Freddy Remix 37) Camila Cabello (ukulele cover) 38) Yeah (Opolopo UK Remix) 39) Sublime Theme [Dub Edit] 40) Dance Like That 41) Ethnic Prayer [Euro Mix] 42) Shine (Prod By Nicolay) 43) Sublime (Dub) 44) Havana 45) Ethic Player [Euro Mix] 46) Que Sera, Sera (San Atias & Mainster Remix 2016) 47) Life (Prod By Nicolay) 48) Sublime Theme [Dub] 49) Schtoom 50) Vita bella (Criswell Remix) - Radio Edit

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