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Helena Hauff

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a club night called Birds and Other Instruments at the Golden Pudel Club. Helena’s sound as a DJ can’t be nailed down as she cuts between genres with ease. Dirty Acid, Chicago, Electro and Wave mixed in an obsessive way, as you can hear on Blackest Ever Black’s sub-label Krokodilo Tapes, where she released a limited edition mixtape, "Obscure Object". As a producer, this obsessive nature comes across in the intensity of her music.

Artist Tags For Helena Hauff

1) Techno 2) Electronic 3) Experimental 4) Seen Live 5) Electro

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Helena Hauff

1) Spur 2) Qualm 3) Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg 4) c45p 5) Gift 6) Tripartite Pact 7) Barrow Boot Boys 8) Sworn to Secrecy Part I 9) L'Homme Mort 10) Lifestyle Guru 11) No Qualms 12) Dreams in Colour 13) Sworn To Secrecy Part II 14) Piece of Pleasure 15) The Smell Of Suds And Steel 16) Entropy Created You And Me 17) btdr-revisited 18) Tryst 19) The First Time He Thought, He Died 20) Funereal Morality 21) Fag Butts In The Fire Bucket 22) Silver Sand & Boxes of Mould 23) It Was All Fields Around Here When I Was A Kid 24) Primordial Sludge 25) Panegyric 26) Break Force 27) Do You Really Think Like That? 28) Actio Reactio 29) hdowed 30) Drowning Demons 31) yyh 32) pps 33) for i am dead 34) Nothing is What I Know 35) Micro Manifesto 36) tape7 37) l#+#l 38) split scission 39) 29acid3 40) btdr1123 41) ff297-3 42) The Bean Field And The Gods 43) $§"$43 44) Reaktion I 45) Reaktion II 46) Continuez Mon Enfant Vous Serez Traité En Conséquence 47) Rupture 48) Continuez Mon Enfant Vous Serez Traité En Conséquence 49) Sea Shore Acid 50) Spirals of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys

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