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Hot Flash Heat Wave

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Hot Flash Heat Wave

Hot Flash Heat Wave is the brainchild of four best friends from Davis, California. During their high school years, they met and bonded through participation in a small, tight-knit community of musicians that put on a slew of DIY shows in parents’ garages and local venues, at the time each playing in a variety of different projects. After leaving Davis for various cities in California, the four eventually reunited in San Francisco to write and record under the same roof.

Artist Tags For Hot Flash Heat Wave

1) Indie 2) Indie Pop 3) Indie Rock 4) USA 5) American

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Hot Flash Heat Wave

1) Gutter Girl 2) Glo Ride 3) Head in the Clouds 4) Sky So Blue 5) Hesitation 6) Bathroom Song 7) Dreaming of U (feat. Sophie Meiers) 8) Hestitation 9) Raindrop 10) Shotgun 11) Lonely Times 12) Gold Years 13) Malibu 14) Dirty Dreamer (XXX) 15) Bye Bye Baby 16) Homecoming 17) Tastes Good 18) Jacuzzi 19) How I Feel Now 20) Blue 21) Floating 22) Wildflower 23) San Francisco Dating Life 24) Just After Midnight 25) So Many People 26) Make It Right 27) Intro 28) She's Gotta Go 29) Trust 30) Grapes 31) This Night Has Opened My Eyes 32) Dreaming of U 33) Gutter Girl - Audiotree Live Version 34) Lonely Times - Audiotree Live Version 35) Shotgun - Audiotree Live Version 36) Raindrop - Audiotree Live Version 37) Make It Right - Audiotree Live Version 38) So Many People - Audiotree Live Version 39) Turning Blue 40) Heads in the Clouds 41) Slam Dance 42) Salt Spray 43) Rum Runner 44) Make It Right (Audiotree Live Version) 45) Surfing in the Morning 46) Love Crimes (Hesitation Home Demo) 47) Slam Dance (Demo) 48) Hot Flash Heat Wave - Gutter Girl 49) Hesitation (Studio) 50) Gutter Girl (Audiotree Live Version)

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