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Hovering Orville

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Hovering Orville

Who is this Hovering Orville? Well, he used to play in a punk rock ensemble. Then one day, they told him to p*** off, because he had become too skilled. He figured: “Hell, who needs a band, anyway?”, and went and built himself a studio in his very own house, became a multi-instrumentalist and took the name Hovering Orville. The songs quickly came pouring out. And they were not punk. They were rock hard and mellow. They were rattling indie and beautiful. They were altcountry and smart. They had something to tell you.

Artist Tags For Hovering Orville

1) Seen Live 2) Norwegian 3) Scandinavian 4) Nordic 5) Europe

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Hovering Orville

1) Nosebleed 2) Der Hund 3) String Along 4) Confrontations 5) Silverlines 6) The End 7) Spoiling the mood 8) Real as dirt in your eyes 9) Pale Horse 10) Handstand 11) They Don't Hold A Place For You 12) The Skeleton Release 13) Sunday morning 14) Aching Head 15) You cast no shadow 16) Orbit/Nostalgia 17) This Ain't No Place You Leave 18) Lungs 19) Devil´s Victory 20) Tale 21) The Girl 22) Spoiling The Mood - acoustic version 23) Devil's Victory 24) Fredastund 25) Spin Around 26) 1000 Ways 27) Get Loud Again 28) Lost In You 29) Pale Horse urørt-versjon 30) Lonst In You 31) If I Knew I Only Had One Shot ... 32) Spoiling The Mood - akustisk 33) Deep Pockets 34) Only a white wall 35) Confront 36) Easy with vox 37) Fredastund med akgit 38) Real As the Dirt in Your Eyes 39) String Along (feat. Birger Bekkeheie, Gulleiv Wee & Øyvind Jakobsen) 40) Spoiling The Mood (feat. Birger Bekkeheie & Øyvind Jakobsen) 41) Silverlines (feat. Birger Bekkeheie & Øyvind Jakobsen) 42) The Skeleton Release (feat. Inge Engelsvoll, Birger Bekkeheie, Gulleiv Wee & Øyvind Jakobsen) 43) Nosebleed (feat. Birger Bekkeheie) 44) Handstand (feat. Birger Bekkeheie) 45) Fredastund - Studio Version 46) Hovering Orville - 03 - Confrontations 47) You cast no shadow 2 48) Run away 49) I'll treat you like a summer 50) Take me home

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