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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Infernal

There are nine artists with the name ‘Infernal’: 1. A Danish dance/pop duo. They first met in 1991 through mutual friends and formed a band in 1997, with Søren Haarh leaving the group in 2000. The duo now consists of Paw Lagerman (born 1977) and Lina Rafn (born 1976), both from Copenhagen, Denmark. So far, they have released 4 studio albums and a remix album. But it was only recently with the release of their third album ‘From Paris to Berlin’ that they received international success.

Artist Tags For Infernal

1) Dance 2) Electronic 3) Black Metal 4) Pop 5) Trance

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Infernal

1) From Paris To Berlin 2) Ten Miles 3) I Won't Be Crying 4) From Paris To Berlin (Radio Edit) 5) Self Control 6) Keen On Disco 7) From Paris To Berlin - Radio Version 8) From Paris To Berlin (Extended Version) 9) From Paris To Berlin (DJ ALigator Club Mix) 10) A to the B 11) Muzaik 12) Dressed In Blue 13) Deeper Still 14) Fairytale 15) Whenever You Need Me 16) Peace Inside 17) Self Control (Radio Edit) 18) From Paris To Berlin (Radio Version) 19) Ultimate Control 20) Adeel 21) Sunrise 22) Downtown Boys 23) Form Paris to Berlin 24) From Paris To Berlin (Casino Radio Mix) 25) Cheap Trick Kinda' Girl 26) Electric Light 27) Vienna 28) Hey Hello! 29) Careful With the Boys 30) Kalinka 31) Redefinition 32) Self Control@mcg 33) From Paris To Berlin - Radio Edit 34) This Little Secret 35) I Wont Be Crying (Beatfreakz Club Mix) 36) From Paris To Berlin (Dj Aligator) 37) Bass Driven Music 38) Sunday Morning March 39) I Wont Be Crying 40) From Paris To Berlin (DJ Aligator Meets Mr. President Club Mix) 41) Cheap Trick Kinda Girl 42) Wrath Of The Infernal One 43) Storms Of Armageddon 44) From Paris To Berlin - Radio Edit 45) Under The Hellsign 46) Punk Disco 47) Burning Up 48) From Paris To Berlin (World Cup Mix) 49) Hurricane 50) Serengeti

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