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Jai Wolf

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf is an alias of Sajeeb Saha, a producer of melodic, dreamlike EDM who previously recorded under a handful of names, including No Pets Allowed. Actively involved with music since the age of five, when he took up the violin -- in high school, he was a New York all-state performer -- he started making tracks during his teens. In his early twenties, as Jai Wolf, his style stabilized as he gained notice for his remix work. An unauthorized version

Artist Tags For Jai Wolf

1) Electronic 2) All 3) Electropop 4) Chill 5) USA

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jai Wolf

1) Indian Summer 2) Starlight 3) Lose My Mind (feat. Mr Gabriel) 4) Like It's Over (feat. MNDR) 5) Lost (feat. Chelsea Jade) 6) The World Is Ours 7) Drive 8) This Space in My Heart Is for You 9) Your Way (feat. Day Wave) 10) Indian Summer - Kasbo Remix 11) Telepathy 12) Still Sleeping 13) Gravity (feat. JMR) 14) Like It's Over (Ramzoid Remix) 15) This Song Reminds Me Of You 16) Like It's Over (Howle Remix) 17) Drive (feat. Chain Gang of 1974) 18) Starlight (feat. Mr Gabriel) 19) Like It's Over 20) Starlight (Goldroom Remix) 21) Better Apart (feat. Dresage) 22) Indian Summer (Kasbo Remix) 23) Starlight (Lenno Remix) 24) Like It's Over (Party Pupils Remix) 25) Diamonds for Breakfast (feat. Mark Johns) 26) Like It's Over - Howle Remix 27) Intro 28) Drowning (feat. Robokid) 29) Like It's Over (feat. MNDR) [Party Pupils Remix] 30) Manic Pixie Dream 31) It All Started With A Feeling 32) Around The World (feat. Now, Now) 33) Starlight (Acoustic Version) 34) Lost (feat. Chelsea Jade) [CRAY Remix] 35) Half Hearted Interlude 36) Like It's Over (feat. MNDR) [Howle Remix] 37) Like It's Over - Party Pupils Remix 38) Drive - Billboard Remix 39) Lost 40) Starlight (Piano Version) 41) Drive - RAC Mix 42) Drive (feat. The Chain Gang of 1974) 43) Gravity 44) Gravity - Hotel Garuda Remix 45) Like It's Over - Ramzoid Remix 46) Drive - Attom Remix 47) Lost (feat. Chelsea Jade) [Midnight Kids Remix] 48) Gravity - Robotaki Remix 49) Like It's Over feat. MNDR 50) Drive - KRANE Remix

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