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Janine and the Mixtape

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Janine and the Mixtape Janine and the Mixtape Janine is all about the voice, the beat and honesty. That is the heart of every track. Her voice is full of raw emotion and flawless control. She has the ability to shift between a fierce soulfulness you can hear all the way down the street and a voice so delicate and smooth it feels like she is whispering in your ear. Her influences include the intimacy of Aaliyah, the creativity of MIA and the depth of Notorious BIG.

Artist Tags For Janine and the Mixtape

1) Electropop 2) New Zealand 3) Rnb 4) Electronic 5) Electronica

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Janine and the Mixtape

1) Hold Me 2) Hold Me (feat. Pusha T) 3) We Could Be Better 4) Dark Mind 5) Little Bit 6) Let It Run 7) Lose My Mind 8) When I'm Broken 9) Bullets 10) You Deserve It 11) This Moment 12) Old Beside You 13) Hold Me (feat. Tunji Ige) - Ghost Loft Remix 14) Hold Me (Live Acoustic Version) 15) Cold Out 16) Hope There's Someone 17) This Moment (Eckhart Tolle) 18) Little Bit (Original mix) 19) Hold Me (Feat. Tunji Ige) (Ghost Loft Remix) 20) Hold Me (Original mix) 21) Hold Me (Acoustic) 22) Walk Away 23) Hold Me (feat. Tunji Ige) [Remix] 24) Hold Me Remix feat Tunji Ige (Produced by Ghost Loft) 25) Hold Me (feat. Tunji Ige) [Ghost Loft Remix] 26) This Moment (Eckhart Tolle) [Lontalius Remix] 27) Hold Me x Pusha T 28) Little Bit | 29) You Got It Bae (Usher Cover) 30) You got it bad 31) Come As You Are (feat. 4e) 32) BANG BANG (You be killin em) 33) Hold Me (feat. Tunji Ige) [Ghost Loft Remix] (Ghost Loft Remix) 34) Hold Me ft. Pusha T 35) When I'm Broken (prod. by 4e) 36) Janine and the Mixtape - Hold Me [Origin 37) Hold Me (Original Mix) 38) Hold Me (feat. Tunji Ige) - Remix 39) Hold Me (Original Track) 40) Hold Me [Official Remastered Audio] 41) Hold Me (ft. Pusha T) 42) Bullets (Home Brew remix) 43) Cold Out (XXEP B-side) 44) Come As You Are 45) This Moment (Eckhart Tolle) Lontalius Remix 46) Hold Me (nightcore version) 47) Cold Out (Sketchbook Demo) 48) You Got It Bae 49) Hold Me (feat.Tunji Ige) [Remix] 50) This Moment (Lontalius Remix)

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