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Jessie Mae Hemphill

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jessie Mae Hemphill

Jessie Mae Hemphill (18th October 1934 – 22nd July 2006), was a pioneering electric guitarist, songwriter, and singer, specialising in the northern Mississippi country blues traditions of her family and regional heritage. She was born near Como and Senatobia, Mississippi, in northern Mississippi just east of the Mississippi Delta. She began playing the guitar at the age of seven ,and also played drums in various local Mississippi fife and drum bands.

Artist Tags For Jessie Mae Hemphill

1) Blues 2) Female Vocalists 3) Old Blues 4) Blues Guitar Women 5) Vox Femina

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jessie Mae Hemphill

1) Standing In My Doorway Crying 2) Take Me Home With You, Baby 3) Go Back to Your Used to Be 4) She-Wolf 5) Streamline Train 6) Lord, Help the Poor and Needy 7) Black Cat Bone 8) Loving In The Moonlight 9) I'm So Glad 10) Baby, Please Don't Go 11) Honey Bee 12) Jump, Baby, Jump 13) Hard Times 14) Cowgirl Blues 15) Shame on You I Feel It 16) Shame On You 17) Crawdad Hole 18) Feelin' Good 19) Bullyin' Well 20) Married Man Blues 21) All Night Boogie (Jessie's Boogie) 22) Boogie 'Side the Road 23) Shake Your Booty (Shake It, Baby) 24) Eagle Bird 25) Shake It, Baby 26) Jessie's Boogie 27) Overseas Blues 28) Little Rooster Reel 29) Home Going 30) Get Right, Church 31) My Lord Do Just What He Say 32) Jesus Will Fix It For You 33) He's A Mighty Good Leader 34) Jessie's Love Song (Tell Me You Love Me) 35) My Daddy's Blues 36) She Wolf 37) Rolling and Tumbling 38) Brokenhearted Blues 39) You Can Talk About Me 40) I'm So Glad You Don't Know What's On My Mind - Take 1 41) Tell Me You Love Me 42) Lord, Help the Poor & Needy 43) Merry Christmas, Pretty Baby 44) I Want To Be Ready 45) I Wanna Be Ready When Jesus Comes 46) Shakira-She wolf 47) I'm So Glad You Don't Know What's On My Mind - Take 2 48) Train, Train 49) Saint Louis Blues 50) Don't Mess With My Toot Toot

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Jessie Mae Hemphill

1) She-Wolf 2) Black snake moan 3) Black Snake Moan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 4) Get Right Blues 5) Music from the Motion Picture Black Snake Moan 6) Un Prophète 7) Feelin' Good 8) Shake It Baby 9) Black Snake Moan Soundtrack 10) Mississippi Blues Festival 11) Black Snake Moan (Music from the Motion Picture) 12) (null) 13) Heritage Of The Blues: Shake It, Baby 14) Spacelines - Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans 15) Blues Women Anthology Vol.2 - DISC 1 16) Mali to Memphis: An African-American Odyssey 17) Mali to Memphis 18) Heritage of the Blues: Shake It, Baby! 19) Black Snake Moan [Original Soundtrack] 20) Been Here All My Days: Selections from the George Mitchell Archive 21) Blues Women Anthology Vol.2 - DISC 2 22) Un Prophète (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 23) Deep Blues 24) Blues Guitar Women 25) Putumayo Presents: Mali to Memphis 26) George Mitchell Collection Vol 1, Disc 4 27) Putumayo Presents: Mali to Memphis: An African-American Odyssey 28) Un Prophete 29) Blues Women Anthology vol.2 [CD1] 30) "Spacelines" Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans 31) Mississippi Blues Festival (Blues Reference) 32) Blues Women Anthology vol.2 [CD2] 33) Beyond Mississippi - the Blues That Left Town 34) Space Lines (Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans) 35) Black Snake Moan: Music from the Motion Picture 36) It Came From Memphis 37) The Memphis Belles - Past, Present & Future 38) Spacelines: Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans - A DJ Selection By Sonic Boom 39) Dare You To Do It Again 40) Blues Women Anthology vol.2 41) The George Mitchell Collection Vol. 6 42) Blues Guitar Women Disc 2 43) Giants Of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 1 44) Giants of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 3 45) Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans 46) Heritage of the Blues: Shake It Baby 47) Putumayo presents Mali to Memphis 48) Spacelines: Sonic Sounds For Subterraneans 49) FMSpaceman The Spacemen 3 110 50) Goin' Down South (Blues Sampler Vol. 2)

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