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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jet

"Jet" is the name used by six groups: 1. A popular rock band from Australia 2. A rock band from the United Kingdom 3. A metal/techno artist in somewhere in North America. 1. Jet was an alternative rock band which formed in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Nic Cester (vocals, guitar), Cameron Muncey (guitar, vocals), Mark Wilson (bass) and Chris Cester (drums). They released three albums: "Get Born" (2003), "Shine On" (2006) and "Shaka Rock" (2009).

Artist Tags For Jet

1) Rock 2) Alternative 3) Alternative Rock 4) Indie 5) Indie Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jet

1) Are You Gonna Be My Girl 2) Look What You've Done 3) Cold Hard Bitch 4) Move On 5) Last Chance 6) Get What You Need 7) Get Me Outta Here 8) Rollover DJ 9) Take It Or Leave It 10) Radio Song 11) Come Around Again 12) Rollover D.J. 13) Lazy Gun 14) Timothy 15) Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 16) She's A Genius 17) Shine On 18) Bring It on Back 19) Rip It Up 20) Holiday 21) Kings Horses 22) That's All Lies 23) Stand Up 24) Come on Come On 25) Skin and Bones 26) Shiny Magazine 27) Eleanor 28) Black Hearts (On Fire) 29) Seventeen 30) All You Have to Do 31) K.I.A. (Killed In Action) 32) Beat On Repeat 33) Are You Gonna Be My Girl? 34) Sgt. Major 35) La Di Da 36) Hold On 37) Goodbye Hollywood 38) Times Like This 39) Walk 40) Let Me Out 41) Start The Show 42) She Holds A Grudge 43) Hey Kids 44) Will You Be My Girl? 45) Everything Will Be Alright 46) Falling Star 47) Are You Gonna Be My Girl (acoustic version) 48) Bruises (demo) 49) Are You Gonna Be My Girl [UK Acoustic Version] 50) Cold Hard B****

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