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Joel Kanning

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Joel Kanning

Joel Kanning is a composer of Ambient/Electronic music. His style is reminiscent to that of Enigma, Achillea, Jens Gad, Deep Forest, and Delerium. Joel spent his early years as a drummer, playing in various bands from the mid-80's through most of the 90's. Along the way he began experimenting with guitars and keyboards, which eventually led to composing his own original music. Ultimately inspired by the emotive power of music, Joel creates a unique musical world of rhythm and melody amidst ethereal voices and lush sonic landscapes.

Artist Tags For Joel Kanning

1) Enigmatic 2) Electronic 3) New Age 4) Under 2000 Listeners 5) Ethnic Fusion

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Joel Kanning

1) Messages From Above 2) One World 3) Ashima 4) Twilight 5) Convergence 6) Dancing In The Mist 7) Travelers 8) The Visitor 9) Auricle 10) In Excelsis 11) Across Cultures 12) L'amour Sonique 13) Drifting 14) Ancient Echoes 15) The Inner Voice 16) Times of Change 17) Terra Paradisium 18) Proles Neptunia 19) Love Song 20) Continuum 21) Missing You 22) Universal Language 23) Al-Ahqaf (The Dunes) 24) The Great Unknown 25) Desert Dream 26) Endless Journey 27) Secrets Of The Stones 28) Cosmic Rhythms 29) A New Beginning 30) Oneness 31) Suspended Animation 32) First Light 33) Reality 34) Reflections 35) Cinema of Life 36) Sedona's Calling 37) Piano Theme 38) Wanderlust 39) Departure 40) Sea Of Tranquility 41) Horizons 42) Redshift 43) Dawn Of Time 44) Downtown Silence (Past Lives Mix) 45) Caravan 46) The Stroll 47) Temptation 48) Solstice 49) Journey 50) Tales Of The Soul (I-II)

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