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Johannes Zetterberg

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Johannes Zetterberg

Johannes Zetterberg (a native of Stockholm, Sweden) was born on November 17, 1985. Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to a lot of different music at an early age. "Well, being that my father's a countertenor with a soft spot for Oscar Peterson, I guess I quickly learned to appreciate classical music & jazz. On the other hand, there were groups & artists like Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Toto, Chicago & lots of others, all of which I found on my mother's mixtapes.

Artist Tags For Johannes Zetterberg

1) Jazz 2) Fusion 3) Jazz Fusion 4) Bass 5) Under 2000 Listeners

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Johannes Zetterberg

1) Thrill Minute 2) Tierra Del Fuego 3) Another Exit 4) Splinter 5) Quintana Roo 6) Adrenochrome 7) Luna Nueva (Only a dream) 8) Seven Summits 9) Dark Horse 10) Past Tense - Pt. II 11) Ghost of a Second (Prologue) 12) Past Tense - Pt. I 13) Beyond Borders 14) Rope Walk 15) Painter's Portrait 16) For What It's Worth 17) Just a Thought (Interlude) 18) Via del Mare 19) Seismic 20) Up For Grabs 21) Wide Travels 22) The Hopes and Fears 23) The Coming Storm (Epilogue) 24) Vocation 25) Second Nature 26) Anthony of the Desert 27) Equanimity 28) The Listening Moon (Lullaby for Alicia) 29) Wildfire 30) 500 Miles to Heaven 31) Past Tense Pt.I 32) What About the Lonely Ones? 33) Past Tense Pt.II 34) What About The Lonely Ones 35) The Fleeting Nature of Life (Is Its Beauty) 36) Without Dove or Covenant 37) Without Dove or Covenant (Reprise II) 38) Hiraeth 39) What Better Day (To Say It's Over) 40) Without Dove or Covenant (Reprise I) 41) Equanimity Sampler 42) Beyond Borders - Background w. samplebass 43) Via del Mare (Background w. dr 44) Rope Walk - Background w. samp 45) Past Tense Pt. 1 46) Past Tense Pt. 2 47) ... Like Wildfire 48) Past Tense, Pt. 2 49) Past Tense, Pt. 1 50) For What It's Worth - Backgrou

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