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Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights first began to take shape when childhood friends Jonathan and Kansas began playing guitar in their teens. With shared common influences ranging from the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and Jimi Henrix to Bob Dylan, The Band and Muddy Waters; the two were compelled to write and play together. From the start it was JT on vocals, playing a mean, bluesy lead guitar, with Kansas on rythym adding a harder rock edge, a combo that was instantly right.

Artist Tags For Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

1) Rock 2) Blues 3) Seen Live 4) Guitar 5) Texas

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

1) Gypsy Woman 2) Riverbottom 3) Pardon Me 4) Devil's Basement 5) To Love Is to Fly (feat. Nikki Lane) 6) She Wears a Smile 7) Young & Free 8) Young Love 9) Paint Me A Picture 10) Bright Energy 11) Hot Sake 12) Where The Wind Blows 13) Ladybird 14) Honey Pie 15) Time For Love 16) Hallelujah 17) Goin' Down to the City 18) Let It Out 19) California Sunshine 20) Late Night Special 21) Hey Mama, My Time Ain't Long 22) Disappear 23) She's From the Other Side 24) Everything Was Cool in 2002 25) Sunshine 26) Slow Train 27) This Girl 28) Gypsy Woman (Album Version) 29) Something In the Wind 30) Lost Soul Pt. 1 31) Lost Soul Pt. 2 32) Pardon Me (Album Version) 33) Young & Free (Album Version) 34) Young Love (Album Version) 35) Devil's Basement (Album Version) 36) Where The Wind Blows (Album Version) 37) Hot Sake (Album Version) 38) Ladybird (Album Version) 39) Bright Energy (Album Version) 40) Gypsy Woman (Jimmy Kimmel Live Version) 41) Pardon Me (Jimmy Kimmel Live Version) 42) To Love Is To Fly 43) Hoty Sake 44) Young and Free 45) 01 Crosstown Traffic 46) 02 Gypsy Woman 47) Lost Soul, Pt. 2 48) 03 Devils Basement 49) 05 Honky Tonk Women 50) 04 Got This Feelin

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