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Jonathan Young

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young is an American singer and YouTube star who is famous for performing covers of Disney songs, making metal, rock and punk covers. He created his channel in 2012 and posted his first song cover in the following year. He's well known for performances of songs like "I'll Make a Man Out of You" and "I See the Light."

Artist Tags For Jonathan Young

1) Metal 2) Cover 3) Post-Hardcore 4) Metalcore 5) Hardcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jonathan Young

1) I'll Make a Man Out of You 2) Hellfire 3) Heroooooooooooooooo! 4) Prince Ali 5) Kiss the Girl 6) Let it Go 7) Zero To Hero (Savannah Stuckmayer) 8) Son of Man 9) Circle Of Life 10) The Bells of Notre Dame 11) Eye to Eye 12) Be Prepared 13) Mine, Mine, Mine 14) On My Way 15) Unravel - Full Version 16) I Just Can't Wait to Be King 17) Strangers Like Me 18) Under the Sea 19) You'll Be In My Heart 20) Bad Romance 21) This Is Halloween 22) Somebody That I Used to Know 23) Every Time We Touch 24) PEACE SIGN 25) Gaston 26) Pokémon Theme 27) He Lives in You 28) You're Welcome 29) Go the Distance 30) Game of Thrones & Skyrim Mashup 31) One Jump Ahead 32) Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride 33) True to Your Heart 34) Misty Mountains 35) Shiny 36) In the dark of the night 37) I Won't Say I'm in Love 38) Danger Zone (feat. FamilyJules7x & Richaadeb) 39) Odd Future 40) The Day [feat. Jonathan Parecki] - Full Version 41) Love Is an Open Door 42) Beauty & the Beast 43) Hello 44) I Don't Fuck With You (Feat. Travis Carte) 45) Poor Unfortunate Souls 46) A Whole New World 47) Go Go Power Rangers! (feat. FamilyJules7x & Richaadeb) 48) When Will My Life Begin 49) Stand Out 50) Prince Ali (Feat. Jack "ToxicxEternity" Fliegler)

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