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Julián Maeso

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Julián Maeso

Artist Tags For Julián Maeso

1) Soul 2) Funk 3) Blues 4) Seen Live 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Julián Maeso

1) It's Been A Hard Day 2) I Must Have Been Dreaming 3) What About Sad John? 4) The Road Less Travelled 5) A Hurricane Is Coming 6) Back to Me, Back to You 7) We Can't Keep on Waiting for Good Times to Come 8) Riding the Stars Above 9) Little By Little 10) Who Needs What 11) Leave It in Time 12) Tears Come From You 13) Someday Maybe Someday 14) We Live Behind A Shadow 15) Jails 16) What Did You Want My Love For? 17) No Earthly Paradise 18) Keep on Striving 19) Get Ready, Get Strong 20) The Band The Girl And The Boy 21) A Change Is Gonna Come 22) Daytona 23) Missing But Singing Take II 24) Back Where You Belong 25) Far Station 26) Through an Early Honeymoon 27) Men & Ladies 28) One Way Ticket to Saturn 29) Won't We Come Back For More? 30) Hanging on a Wire 31) You'd Better Not Hurt Me Again 32) Missing But Singing Take I 33) Will You Be Free 34) Be Prepared To Change Your Plan 35) Before They Leave 36) You Gotta 37) Long Winter Drama 38) I Wonder and Wander 39) It Can't Be True 40) It’s Been A Hard Day 41) Missing But Singing. Take II 42) Won`t We Come Back For More? 43) The Band, The Girl And The Boy 44) Missing But Singing. Take I 45) Be Prepared To Change Your Pla 46) Never Say Die - Demo 47) Missing But Singing (Take II) 48) You’d Better Not Hurt Me Again 49) Who Needs What ? 50) What Did You Want My Love For ?

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