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Justin Morelli

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Justin Morelli

JUSTIN MORELLI was born to sing. As he embarks on his journey to superstardom, Justin is geared to bring his unbridled passion for music and his innate gift of sound to the forefront. Get ready for NYC’s homegrown Pop star. New York City is a breeding ground for talent; most of which is imported. But, JUSTIN MORELLI, a Manhattan native, was born right into the very environment that brings music to life. Raised on a healthy diet of Elvis Presley

Artist Tags For Justin Morelli

1) Chris Brown 2) Pop 3) Rnb 4) Jordin Sparks 5) Justin Bieber

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Justin Morelli

1) I Could 2) The Way 3) Waitin' for You 4) Say You Love Me 5) Givin' up 6) Ain't Easy 7) Honestly 8) Nobody Like Me 9) End of the Night 10) Rock the Night Away 11) Thing You Do 12) Crazy 13) Ain't Easy *** 14) Ain't Easy (Razor N Guido Vocal Mix) 15) Can't Say Nothin 16) It Ain't Easy 17) Stay All Night 18) Ain't Easy (Razor N Guido Radio Edit) 19) Ain't Easy *** *** 20) text="Nobody Like Me" song_spot="M" MediaBaseId="2006640" itunesTrackId="0" amgTrackId="0" amgArtistId="0" TAID="1034047" TPID="25521584" cartcutId="6000454001" 21) Voicemail 22) Wanna Be With You 23) Outro 24) Justin Morelli - Ain't Easy 25) text="Nobody Like Me" song_spot="M" MediaBaseId="0" itunesTrackId="0" amgTrackId="0" amgArtistId="0" TAID="0" TPID="0" cartcutId="6000454001" 26) Ain't Easy (Razor N Guido Mixshow) 27) Ain't Easy (DJ Obscene Remix)

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