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Katie Melua

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Katie Melua

Ketevan “Katie” Melua (Georgian: ქეთევან “ქეთი” მელუა, surname pronounced IPA: /ˈmeluˌɑː/; born 16 September 1984) is a British-Georgian singer-songwriter and musician. She was born in the Georgian S.S.R., but moved to Northern Ireland at the age of eight and then relocated to England at the age of 14. Melua is signed to the small Dramatico record label, under the management of songwriter Mike Batt, and made her musical debut in 2003.

Artist Tags For Katie Melua

1) Jazz 2) Female Vocalists 3) Blues 4) Singer-Songwriter 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Katie Melua

1) Nine Million Bicycles 2) The Closest Thing to Crazy 3) Spider's Web 4) Piece by Piece 5) Just Like Heaven 6) I Cried for You 7) On the Road Again 8) Shy Boy 9) Halfway Up the Hindu Kush 10) Blues in the Night 11) If You Were a Sailboat 12) Crawling Up a Hill 13) Blue Shoes 14) I Do Believe in Love 15) Call Off the Search 16) Tiger in the Night 17) Thank You, Stars 18) Blame It on the Moon 19) Mary Pickford 20) My Aphrodisiac Is You 21) What I Miss About You 22) Lilac Wine 23) Mockingbird Song 24) Faraway Voice 25) It's All in My Head 26) If the Lights Go Out 27) Ghost Town 28) Perfect Circle 29) In My Secret Life 30) Spellbound 31) Scary Films 32) Learnin' the Blues 33) What It Says on the Tin 34) Dirty Dice 35) Belfast (Penguins and Cats) 36) The Flood 37) Wonderful Life 38) I Think It's Going to Rain Today 39) I'd Love to Kill You 40) No Fear of Heights 41) A Happy Place 42) A Moment of Madness 43) belfast 44) Red Balloons 45) Toy Collection 46) The One I Love Is Gone 47) Tiny Alien 48) What a Wonderful World 49) Plague of Love 50) When You Taught Me How to Dance

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Katie Melua