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Kato Change

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kato Change

Kato is a guitarist/ producer whose technique was nurtured by an emerging community of musicians online. His self-directed style draws from a heritage of African music as well as Blues , Hiphop, House and Jazz. In 2012, He was a Fellow in the U.S Department of State's One beat program. In December 2015, Kato released his debut album, The Change Experience; a collaborative journey, with each artist sharing a unique perspective on creating music. In September 2016

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kato Change

1) Abiro - Da Capo's Touch 2) Paper Swan 3) Nyoro 4) Abiro - Fka Mash Glitch Dub 5) Abiro (Riot Stereo & Suraj Remix) 6) Abiro - Riot Stereo & SURAJ Remix 7) Abiro - Da Capo's Dub Mix 8) Oriti 9) Sazile 10) Suna 11) Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah) - Acoustic 12) Abiro - Da Capo's African Mix 13) Stakato Foozak Remix (With Lisa & Jaaz) - House 14) Fortress (With Wanja Wohoro) - Alternative 15) Dream Awake (With Karun Mungai) - Acoustic 16) Abiro (Da Capos Touch) (Mixed) 17) Dawn - Acoustic 18) Abiro (With Winyo) - Afro House 19) Neuru 20) Abiro 21) Stakato (With Lisa Oduor-Noah & Jaaz Odongo) - Afro House 22) Mr. Music Man (With Lisa Oduor-Noah & Owuor Arunga) - Acoustic/Jazz 23) African Woman (With Aaron Rimbui) - Afro Jazz/Acoustic 24) Kofingagate (With Parfum Zola & Kayode Kuti) - World Music 25) Abiro (Riot Stereo Suraj Remix) 26) Abiro (Da Capo's Dub Mix) 27) Abiro (With Winyo) 28) Abiro (Da Capo's African Mix) 29) Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah) [feat. Lisa Oduor-Noah] [Acoustic] 30) Abiro (feat. Winyo) [Riot Stereo & SURAJ Remix] 31) African Woman (With Aaron Rimbui) [feat. Aaron Rimbui] [Afro Jazz/Acoustic] 32) Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah) 33) Dream Awake (With Karun Mungai) 34) Abiro (Da Capo's Touch) 35) Fortress (With Wanja Wohoro) (Alternative) 36) African Woman (With Aaron Rimbui) 37) Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah) (Acoustic) 38) Fortress (With Wanja Wohoro) 39) Dawn 40) Sazile (Original Mix) 41) Abiro feat. Winyo (Da Capos Dub Mix) 42) Kofingagate (With Parfum Zola & Kayode Kuti) [feat. Parfum Zola & Kayode Kuti] [World Music] 43) Abiro (With Winyo) (Afro House) 44) Dawn (Acoustic) 45) Mr. Music Man (With Lisa Oduor-Noah & Owuor Arunga) [feat. Lisa Oduor-Noah & Owuor Arunga] [Acoustic/Jazz] 46) Paper Swan ft. Isaac Kimani 47) Abiro (Riot Stereo And Suraj Remix) 48) Nyoro (Original Mix) 49) Suna (Original Mix) (feat. Winyo, SURAJ) 50) Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah) (Acoustic) (feat. Lisa Oduor-Noah)

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