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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Kazaki

For the Ukranian dance group, please use Kazaky. Kristel Ann Cuadra (a.ka. Kazaki / カザキ), born July 21, 1991, is an indie composer, singer, band vocalist, keyboardist, arranger, creative writer, and multimedia artist from Pagbilao, Quezon, Philippines. She releases songs usually under the genres J-pop, J-rock, Electronic, Neo-classical, Ballad, and Experimental. Also, she is the vocalist/keyboardist of the indie J-rock band CC Project. Her songs are a hybrid of J-pop

Artist Tags For Kazaki

1) Trance 2) Electronic 3) Electronica 4) Indie 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Kazaki

1) Love 2) In The Middle 3) I'm Just A Dancer 4) crazy law 5) i - You want me, You love me, You hate me_I don't care.. 6) Love(Dj_Sebastien_&_Dj_Vengerov_rmx) 7) Touch Me 8) GO-GO DANCE 9) Make love 10) VOICE+(allegro)+master(кор.ва 11) LOVE (DJ SEBASTIEN & DJ VENGEROV RMX) 12) Love (DJ Sebastien & DJ Vengerov Remix) 13) Едут по Берлину наши казаки 14) Time 15) Fantasie Mall Entrance 16) Love(Dj Sebastien & Dj Vengerov rmx) 17) I don t Care! You want me, You love me, You hate me…I don't care 18) You want me, You love me, You hate me…I don't care.. 19) Game Over 20) Pen Pineapple Apple Pen 21) You want me, You love me, You hate me,I don't care 22) When we crossed the stars on a unicorn of hope 23) In the middle right now 24) in the middle(полная версия) 25) You want me! You love me! You hate me! I don't care!! 26) Shortcut to Fantasie Mall 27) Vehicle Saver 28) Blue Haze 29) Broken 30) #chg_FORMAT; 31) Love (Dj Sebastien Dj Vengerov Full Edit) 32) Dance 33) Magic Pie 34) Gangnam Style (Kazaki Mix) 35) ♥ -In The Middle 36) You want me, You love me, You hate me, I don't care 37) I am jast a dancer 38) Last Night (2012) 39) 2.0 40) dance & change 41) Allen 4 42) Desist Censure and Shuffle 43) Last night 44) Tres Bien 45) Kazaki 46) Love (Dj Alex Dante Extendet Mix) 47) Love - 48) Lets do short it time 49) Love (Dj Sebastien & Dj Vengerov Full Edit) 50) I don't sample.

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