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Ken Thomson

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ken Thomson

Ken Thomson, 30-year-old Brooklyn-based clarinetist, saxophonist, and composer, has been involved in music since he got his first xylophone at age 3. He plays saxophone and writes for the NY-based punk/jazz band Gutbucket, with whom he has toured internationally to eighteen countries over seven years and released 3 CDs. He is a founding board member of Anti-Social Music, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the work of emerging composers.

Artist Tags For Ken Thomson

1) Classical 2) Jazz 3) Punk 4) New York 5) Experimental

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ken Thomson

1) Thaw 2) Gwely Mernans (arr. K. Thompson) 3) Restless: I. Restless 4) Perpetual: underlying 5) Perpetual: Bad idea 6) Perpetual: Don Pullen says it's OK 7) Storm Drain 8) Thaw: Concrete 9) Restless: II. Forge 10) Restless: III. Remain Untold 11) Thaw: Dig 12) Thaw: Hole 13) Restless: IV. Lost 14) Grizzly 15) Me Vs.: II. Another Second Try 16) Me Vs.: I. Turn of Phrase 17) Me Vs.: III. Me Vs. 18) Passacaglia ungherese 19) Misery Is the New Hope 20) 01 Perpetual: underlying 21) Resolve 22) Icebreaker 23) Perpetual I: Underlying 24) Turn Around 25) Helpless 26) 02 Perpetual: Bad idea 27) Deafening Irrelevance 28) Phantom Vibration Syndrome 29) Spring 30) 03 Perpetual: Don Pullen says it's OK 31) Restless I. Restless 32) 04 Thaw: Concrete 33) 07 Thaw 34) Me Vs. I. Turn of Phrase 35) Restless III. Remain Untold 36) Me Vs. II. Another Second Try 37) Gwely Mernans 38) Restless IV. Lost 39) 05 Thaw: Dig 40) Restless II. Forge 41) 06 Thaw: Hole 42) Perpetual III: Don Pullen Says it's OK 43) Perpetual II: Bad Idea 44) THAW I: Concrete 45) THAW IV: Thaw 46) Restless 47) Me Vs. III. Me Vs. 48) Restless, I. Restless 49) THAW II: Dig 50) THAW III: Hole

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